I am a mommy to an awesome little two year old, a crazy dog, and an indoor cat and a partner to my best friend.  I am also  a sixth and seventh grade science teacher, and I think I might be somewhat addicted to subscription boxes.  One subject I teach is environmental science, so I try to be as eco-friendly as possible.  At home we use organic and natural products and we eat as organic and local as possible.  The post are on here are all going to relate to things I think my family will enjoy trying out.  You probably will not see many (or any) beauty boxes on here because we don’t use products unless they are natural and you will probably see lots of postings related to books because we love to read.

All of the boxes I reviewed were paid for at the regular price or using a code available to the public, unless I make a note of receiving a box or a discount on a box in the review.  Happy reading!


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  1. Hi Dee,
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