Orange Glad

OrangeGlad kindly sent me this box to review.  OrangeGlad is a monthly dessert subscription box.  The prices for this box range between $19.95 and $21.95 depending upon the length of your subscription.  However, if you use the code LOVE2015 (through the end of February 2015), you will receive 40% off of your subscription.  This makes it about $12.00 a month for this box.  IMG_3350First off, the shipping was great.  This arrived on a hot day in TX and everything was still solid, which is pretty unusually when you are talking about chocolate and TX.  The packaging was very nice, and they include an information card that tells you what is in the box and when to consume the products by.  I really like that they that give you a best by date for the foods.  The pink and hearts that I saw when I opened the box gave it a Valentine’s Day feel.
IMG_3351The box contained 5 different dessert items.  I loved the Carmel Sea Salt and Raspberry Truffles by Annalisa Chocolates.  The flavors were perfect, and they were by far my favorite snack in this box.  The Sugar Bowl Bakery’s Petite Palmiers were also delicious.  They were flakey and made with only five ingredients, which is always a good thing.  The other three items I was not crazy about.  The Buttercream Valentine Cookie by Cheryl’s and the Salem Baking’s Chocolate Dipped Sugar Moravian Cookies were not my favorites because of all of the far from natural ingredients.   I try not to have artificial food dye in the house and these both had lots.  The final dessert in the package was a container of We’re Mint to Be Fudge.  I normally love fudge, but I did not love this.  I am not sure why.  The cute container was my favorite part.
IMG_3353I don’t think I would be happy if I had paid $19.95 for this box.  However, with the current 40% off deal, I think that this would have been a great value for $12.00.



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