December 2014 and January 2015 Wantable Intimates

Wantable is subscription company that offers a few different types of boxes.  They offer an intimates box, an accessories box, a jewelry box, and a fitness styling service.  The boxes are all $36.00 a month if you sign up for a subscription or $40.00 for just one month.  The fitness styling service is a lot like Stitch Fix for workout clothing.  You pay a $20.00 styling fee, and they send you a box of clothes.  You can buy what you want and send back what you do not want.  Wantable has excellent customer service.  They are super easy to cancel or skip months, really listen to feedback, and allow returns for boxes that you do not like.

I have had success with the intimates box, and it is the box I order most frequently.  Wantable used to send out four to five items per box, but they recently changed to sending out three or four items per box.  Therefore, when I received my December box and all that it contained was a pair of pajamas and underwear I thought it looked skimpy.  When I wrote Wantable about it they explained that they count pajamas as two pieces.  I liked both the pajamas and the underwear, but I did not feel like they were really worth $36.00.  I ended up canceling my subscription at this point.


Then, in mid-January I received an email offering me 50% off my next box.  I figured I would give it another try.  When you place your order you can leave comments for the person who puts the box together.  In the comments I said that I would love to see some Muk Luks and fleece leggings.  Michelle who put the box together sent me my favorite box so far.  She thanked me for leaving detailed preferences and sent me both Muk Luk slippers ($24.00) and Muk Luk fleece leggings ($15.00).  I love both of these items.  The slippers are so cozy and the leggings fit great.  Some leggings are too short on me, but these ones are the perfect length.  In addition to the Muk Luk items she slipped in a Dreamwave Pajama Drama Velvet Insert Box Set ($28.00).  The top is long sleeve and the the bottoms are shorts.  Wantable redeemed the sub-par December box with this amazing January box.


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