Fall 2014 Trade As One Box

I know that October is almost over, but October is Fair Trade Month.  In honor of the month I ordered a Trade As One box to review (I was offered a 50% discount).  Trade As One is quarterly box, and I received the fall box.  The subscription is $99.00, which works out to a little more than a dollar a day for a selection of 12-15 products every three months.  The boxes include mostly food products, but they always included a “treat” item or two.  I try to buy local or fair trade as frequently as possible to help support small business and ensure that people are earning fair wages.  Not only are all of the items in the subscription fair trade they are all also ethically sourced.

The theme for the fall is Fruits and Nuts, and Trade As One includes a book explaining the featured products and recipes.  The items that go along with the theme are:

organic, natural cashews from Equal Exchange ($6.95)

Om Al-Fahem almonds from Parc ($6.95)

organic, dried pineapple from Equal Exchange ($3.95)

organic, dried mango from Equal Exchange ($4.95).

This month there are also three products that are made by the Women’s Bean Project, which is a fabulous non-profit that is based in Denver, CO.  It helps empower women by teaching them social enterprise.  All of the Women’s Bean Project products are delicious.  If you have not tried one of their soup mixes I highly recommend them all.

Malaysian spice rub from Women’s Bean Project ($3.95)

brownie mix from Women’s Bean Project ($5.95)

Sarah’s Spicy Split Pea Soup Mix by Women’s Bean Project ($5.95)


The items that I am most excited about are the dark chocolate almond spread with sea salt from Barefoot and Chocolate ($7.99), lip balm by Alaffia ($2.99), honey and rooibos balsamic vinegar reduction made by Cape Treasures ($7.95), and tomato caper spread from Canaan Fair Trade ($8.00).  The Barefoot and Chocolate spread is so good.  I have hit the jar up with a spoon, and it is delicious.


The last two items are “grains”.  There is always a rice or grain type item in each box.  This quarter there are two Alter Eco products:

ruby red rice from Alter Eco ($4.79)

rainbow quinoa from Alter Eco ($7.99).


The total value of the box is $78.36.  The value of the products are not equal to the value of the subscription.  However, the box was 10 lbs, so there is no way it is cheap to ship.  It is also hard to find all of these products locally, so I think it is still worth the price of the box.

If you want to see another box, I have a review of the Fall 2013 box on the site.  I also encourage you to consider gifting a subscription this holiday season.  Not only will you be giving a fantastic gift, you will also be making a difference to people all over the world.  If you are interested in subscribing you can use the code mommysubboxes20 (Expires 12/31/14) and get $20 off for new subscribers only.


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