October 2014 Citrus Lane Box

Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription box for new borns through five year olds.  It was recently purchased by Care.com, and I feel like the quality of the boxes have changed.  They have been including few items and one higher value item.  The box is $29.00 for a monthly subscription, but if you purchase longer subscriptions the price goes down.  If you are interested in trying out Citrus Lane, you can use my referral link to get 50% off your first box.

My daughter’s October Citrus Lane Box arrived yesterday.  She received a box for a 38 month old girl.  The box contained four products.  Two of them were from companies that have been in Citrus Lane boxes before, and two of them are new to Citrus Lane.  My favorite item in the box is the Janod Dominoes ($12.99).  I really like these for two reasons: first, they are completely developmentally appropriate, and second, they are from a brand that has not appeared in one of my little one’s boxes before.  They are made out of thick cardboard and have exotic animals on them.  My daughter’s favorite item in the box is the Little Adventurers Super Hero Cape ($16.99).  When she saw it she decided that it would have to be added to her princess, fairly Halloween costume, so now she is going to be a princess, fairy, super hero for Halloween.


The two repeat brands in the month’s box are Hohner Kids and Annie’s.  We have a lot of Hohner Kids instruments because they make durable instruments that are perfect for free play.  We have several sets of the maracas ($7.99) already, but they are one of the instruments that helped us with opposites (up/down, loud/quiet, out/in).  The Annie’s was a little bag of mix and a coupon.  Annie’s is always a hit in our house.

I think this was the best box we have received recently.  I am happy that Citrus Lane included four items this month and two that are new to us.


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