Ecocentric Mom September/October 2014

I am so excited about this month’s Ecocentric Mom box because it was a great sampling of organic, healthy products.  Ecocentric Mom started off as a mom owned company that sent wonderful eco-friendly packages out on a monthly basis.  Ecocentric Mom has undergone several changes over the past year and a half, including that it is now under new ownership and it is a bi-monthly box.  However, the companies still offers three types of boxes: Mom-to-be, Mom, and Mom and Baby box.  All of these boxes contain a wide array of products that are good for you and the environment.  I subscribed when the boxes were $18.00, so I still pay $18.00 every other month.  Boxes are now $24.00 every other month.  I have always really liked Ecocentric Mom because they send a nice selection of products out and it is always a really good value.IMG_2806

I was a little disappointed in the July/August box.  While it was a high value box, most of the products I will never use.  This month once again had a few repeat brands and products that I will not use, but it also had a bunch of new companies and products that I am in love with.  The highest value item is Bioray After the Flow ($58.00).  It is an herbal supplement for after your period.  While it is a high quality supplement, there are a few ingredients in it that I will not use while nursing.  Ecocentric Mom included a Bioray Before the Flow in the last box, and I was bummed about it, so I was not thrilled to see this.  However, the WooBamboo Toothbrush ($4.95) and the eco-ditty Reusable Sandwich Bag ($13.99), made me super happy.  I have never had a bamboo toothbrush before, and I really like it.  Bamboo is naturally anti-microbial, which is a huge plus for me.  I always try to pack my little one’s lunch in reusable bags, and I really like the quality and the print on the eco-ditty bag.  My daughter was also very happy to see a bag of Annie’s Organic Cheddar Snack Mix, which she put right in her lunch box for the next day.  There was a coupon for Annie’s.


In addition to the items I loved or disliked, there are a bunch of other products that make the box a winner for me.  There are samples of PureProC Silk Smoothing Gel and Silk Hydrating Serum.  They are both made with only a few natural ingredients, which is something I am always a fan of.  Another repeat brand in the box is 7th Heaven Natural Skin Masks ($2.99).  I am excited to use this when I have enough time because 7th Heaven makes great masks.  The last skin care product is a sample of Jillian Wright Breakout Blocker Serum.  The sample is a little too small to tell how it will really work.  The product is rather expensive, $75.00 for a 29ml container, so I probably will not be purchasing it because I am not sure if it will really work with my skin.  The last two goodies in the box are a Bindi Masala ($3.99) seasoning packet made by Arora Creations.  I made string beans using this and they were delicious.  Finally there is a BioTerra Sleep Herbs ($4.99) dietary supplement.  I keep seeing these on Abe’s Market, but I never buy them because I have no problem sleeping.  However, I will be giving these away to a good home.

After getting this box, I can’t wait to receive my next Ecocentric Mom box.  If you want to subscribe, I recommend following Ecocentric Mom on Facebook or signing up for their emails because they often send out very good coupon codes.  If you received an Ecocentric Mom box this month, what was your favorite item?


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