Conscious Box Sweater Weather

I used to subscribe to Conscious Box but after getting several disappointing boxes I cancelled my subscription.  Over the last few months Conscious Box made a lot of changes, so when they offered to send me this free box to review I was interested in seeing what their boxes look like now.  They now offer two different box options.  The first is the taster box, which has 5-8 items per month.  Subscriptions to the taster box start at $6.95 a month.  The second option is the plus box.  The plus box has 8-12 items per month, and these boxes start at $16.95 per month.  Both boxes come in gluten-free, vegan, and regular.

The box I received is a gluten-free plus box, and it was packed.  I noticed a couple of really big changes in the packaging.  The first thing is that there is now a “theme” and the second thing is that they now have cute packaging.


This box had a large array of gluten-free foods.  Everything from soda to lentil crackers to coffee.  All of the foods were single servings, but I think that a single serving is enough to be able to tell if you like a food or not.  There several different types of Eco Teas, and I have already purchased more of them.


In addition to all of the foods there were beauty and nutrition samples.  There were two samples of vitamins, a Hero Nutritionals kids multivitamin and a Nordic Naturals vitamin C.  Both of these vitamins are made with high quality ingredients.  Conscious Box also included a Dr. Jacobs castile soap trio.  They can be used for lots of purposes including as shampoo or as laundry detergent.  They are perfect size for traveling, so I am saving them for our next trip.  There are also two brands of samples of anti-aging products.  One is Love for Humanity Organics: Anti-Aging Eye Serum and the other is Own Beauty Anti-Aging Trio.  All of these samples are so small that I am not sure if I could really tell if they made any difference.  The last sample is of Medicine Mama’s Sweet Bee Magic, which got used on a skinned knee.  It smells nice and it not too gooey.

IMG_2804The last thing that was included was a large selection of coupons for products that included a $100 wine voucher for and a $15 credit for Urban

All in all, I think that Conscious Box has made some improvements to their boxes, but I am not impressed enough to start subscribing again.  What do other people think about the new and improved Conscious Boxes?



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