Elementary Box

Elementary Box is a relatively new subscription box service designed for elementary school teachers.  Each box contains treats for you (the teacher), goodies for your students, fun things for your classroom, and a few teaching tips.   Elementary Box customizes the shipments, so they have things that are perfect for your grade level.  I was sent a complementary box to review.  I teach middle school so most of my students are a little older than the target audience, but the school I work at is 1st-12th.

When this package arrived the first thing I noticed was how nicely it was packaged.  It was in a box with the company’s logo on it, and it was shipped priority mail.  Inside the box there is a teacher tips sheet glued to the top and a personalized note on top of the products.  Most of the tips are geared towards younger children.  The second grade teacher that I showed them to loved them.

photo 1-5

photo 2-5

I love the teacher treat this month.  It is three fun pens and a pen holder.  I am constantly having my pens permanently borrowed by students, so I am always on the lookout for funky pens.  I am sure that these pens will not be confused with anyone else’s.  I also like that I now have another idea for how to recycle tin cans with a little bit of washi.

photo 3-3

For the students there are pumpkin stickers.  I already used these on tests that I passed back yesterday.  Kids are never too old to get stickers on their papers.  For the classroom is a copy of Fairest by Gail Carson Levine.  I teach at an all boys school, so I am not sure too many of them will read it, but I started reading it the other day during study hall.  Many of the boys told me that their sisters or friends were reading it.   photo 2-6The last item in the box is Math Sleuth, a fun interactive math game for kids.  I gave this to the second grade math teacher to try out with her class.  She gives it two thumbs up.

photo 1-6

I think this is a really cute idea for a box.  I could not find the exact value for the pens, but I am pretty sure the items are pretty equal in value to the price of the box.  These boxes are $29.00 a month, and you can do a month to month subscription or a six or twelve month subscription.  I think these would make a perfect holiday or end of year gift for K-5 teachers.  They might also be a perfect subscription to get yourself if you are a home schooling parent.


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