#MSA01 Quarterly Box

I have had a great day.  First, it is a Saturday and I had a great day with my family.  Second, a Trader Joe’s opened a couple of miles for our house.  Third, my My Subscription Addiction Quarterly Box arrived today.  Quarterly is a subscription service that provides boxes from an array of curators.  The boxes are sent out every three months, and Quarterly does not charge your credit card until they are mailing out your box.  The prices of the boxes vary depending upon who the curator is.  My Subscription Addiction is curated by Liz Cadman, the founder of My Subscription Addiction.  This box is $50.00, however if you have never ordered from Quarterly before, you can use the code FIRSTBOX10 to save $10.00 on your first order.  This box did sell out, so you might want to order soon if you want #MSA02.

When I first saw that Liz Cadman was curating a box, I knew that it would be fabulous because she is so thoughtful about her reviews and she really does not like many of the same products I dislike.  This box did not disappoint.  In fact, it was amazing!  Each Quarterly box includes a note from the curator, and Liz started her note out with, “Since our first box is right at the beginning of my favorite season, I thought a “Fall Favorites”- themed box would be a great way to start off!”  Liz did a very nice job explaining why she included each items, and I love all five of the products she included.

Liz’s first pick is Fig + Yarrow Cardamom + Coffee Body Scrub ($22.00).  This body scrub smells amazing, and it will be perfect for dry cold weather skin.  I have never used Fig + Yarrow before, but I am going to have to look into the rest of their line because I like that the products are made with organic and natural ingredients.



The second goodie in the box is my favorite.  It is a decadent Raw Naturals Candle in Chai Latte ($24.00).  Is smells like fall, and it is almost too pretty to burn.  However, I will be burning this because I want my house to smell as good as this candle does.  Like the body scrub, this candle is made with high quality ingredients.



The most expensive thing in the box is a full size Tatcha Polished Classic Rice Enzyme Powder ($65.00).  This should also help take care of dry cold weather skin.  I can’t wait to try this out and see how my skin does with it.



There is also a fabulously soft Simonetta Infinity Knit Scarf ($25.00).  It comes in four different colors, and I think it is really pretty.  I want a blanket that is as cozy as this scarf.  Although, I think it might drive me crazy because it sheds everywhere.

IMG_2753The last treat in the box is a Juice Beauty Reflecting Gloss ($15.00).  This is one of Liz’s favorite subscription box discoveries.  The gloss also came in four colors.  There was a pink one in my box, which I do not love, but my three-year old was thrilled about.  I already have one in fig from another box, and I really like it because it is free of all the bad stuff that is found in so many make-up products.


Liz also included discount codes for a few of the companies in the box and a 75% off coupon for JUSTFAB.  I hate when boxes include coupons for other sub services.  However, since this box was already such a great value, I really did not mind it that much.  If anyone want the code, let me know.  Overall, I think this was a fabulous first box, and I can’t wait to see what comes in the next box.


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