September 3.5 Year Old Box

Citrus Lane is a subscription box service for children ages 0-5 years.  They say they send out 4-5 items a month.  Although, they only included three items in August’s box.  The boxes range in price, and you can usually find a pretty good deal on them.  I snag a year subscription last November for about $144.00 or $12.00/box.  If you are interested in trying it out, you can use this link, which will get you 50% off your first box.  However, they have been offers for $7.00 boxes, so you might want to sign up for Citrus Lane emails and see what offers they send you.

A few days ago I posted about the 4.5 year old Citrus Lane box I ordered.  I was really pleased with that box, and I thought they did an awesome job.  It is a good thing I ordered that box because the box that came as part of my daughter’s normal subscription was a bust.  Two of the items in it are the same as the other box, the Little Red Hen Book & CD Set ($9.99) from Barefoot Books and the Cinnamon Crunch ($0.80) from Somersault Snacks.  I was a little surprised that they put the same book in the two boxes, but I understand why Citrus Lane included the snacks in both.


Citrus Lane also included a Melissa & Doug Red Shape Sorting Clock ($14.99) and Pieces Foam Bath Puzzle ($11.99) from Boon.  I dislike both of these items, and my little one asked if the bath puzzle was for a baby.  I don’t understand why it was included in the 3.5 year box when it is for 18+ months.  The clock is okay, but we have a much nicer Hape clock.

Overall, the value of the box is here, but I just don’t love the items that were selected.  I wonder if I would have liked this box more if I had not received the other one first.


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