Pick Your Plum September Grab Box

I was on the fence about ordering another Pick Your Plum Grab Box because I still had most of the last one I ordered packed away, but the items that I do use from the box are worth more than the $34.99 I paid for it.  So, I ended up ordering one,  and I am happy that I did.  This time the grab boxes were $35.99 with free shipping (USPS 2-day priority flat rate box), which made them a dollar more than they usually are.  Pick Your Plum promises at least $80.00 worth of stuff in them, and each box is different.  I love the mystery aspect of this box, which is why I ordered it.  Last time I got a great skirt, lots of cupcake items, and amazing personalized ribbon that I use.  This time I was hoping for more crafting items (washi tape, twine, stamps) when I ordered.

I did not receive many crafting items, but I did get a bunch of items that I had been eyeing when they were originally on Pick Your Plum, and I will use almost of the contents.  Whoever packed my grab box put in lots of collapsable vases.  I used to have one of these that I picked up at the MoMA when I was in college, and I loved it.  At some point in all them moves that followed I lost it, so I was really surprised and excited to see four of them in the box.


The other flat items that were slid in the edge of the box with the vases were three packages of wrapping paper.  I use a ton of wrapping paper, so I am always happy to have more.  Especially because this wrapping paper is so pretty.


To go along with the wrapping paper there are lots of items that could be used to set up a table for a little party.  There are cute paper plates and cups, as wells as cupcake liners and little goody boxes.  The personalized item in this box is the red silicon spatula.  It has my last name on it.  I love the little personalized touch that Pick Your Plum adds.  There is also a flower shaped bamboo spoon.  I will be using all of these items.


At one point or another I considered buying all of the items in the next photo.  I go through tons of sticky tabs, so I am excited to use the nifty little books of them.  I also adore the little alphabet stamps, and I think that I will be able to use them to make amazing gift labels.


The box also had a small assortment of clothing items.  I will get tons of use out of the footie socks because I wear them all the time.  The are more fun then the ones I already owned, and they fit my big feet.  The grey t-shirt is long sleeve and 95% cotton.  It will be a perfect layering t.  The leggings are something I never would have purchased, but I can wear them to sleep in or on lazy days at home.


Pick Your Plum popped in a fun little drawing board that is great for my little to use in the car.  I almost ordered one of these along with the grab box, but I decided to skip it.  To round the box out there are a couple of repeat items, the wooden cut outs and the gold necklace.  Both items were still in the first grab box I ordered and I just transferred these ones right into that box.


Overall I am super happy with this box.  I am going to use 95% of the things, and I never would have bought them individually.  I am not sure I would say that it is $80.00 worth of products, but I got my $35.99 worth out of this grab box.


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