Catching Up

Hi Everyone,
I decided to take the summer off to hang out with my family and enjoy traveling. It was kind of nice to get a box and be able to tear into it without thinking about taking a photo or having to remember to write a review (especially because I was getting most of the boxes all at once on my stops back at home between trips). I am sticking to my commitment to have less stuff, and I am down to only getting a couple of boxes a month. My little is getting Citrus Lane, and I am getting Ecocentric Mom. We are very sad the Silly Rhino is no longer sending out boxes and loved the last few we received. I am also going to be getting a few “special” boxes from Quarterly and Stitch Fix in the next couple of weeks. The most exciting boxes that I got over the summer were swaps that I did with FB friends. I did a Pinterest Swap (where you stalked someone’s Pinterest page and sent them items you thought they would like) and an ABC swap (where you send one item that starts with each letter of the alphabet). Now that I am back, I will probably be posting about once a week and I will posting about more than just sub boxes.
Thanks for reading!


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