May Wantable Boxes

In the middle of May, Wantable ran a special on their boxes.  Each box was $1.00, so I ordered one of each of the boxes they offer: intimates, accessories, and make-up.  I had been wanting to try Wantable, but the boxes are usually $36.00 per month for a subscription or $40.00 for a one time box.  After filling out the quizzes for preferences, the boxes were put together and shipped.  It turns out that you can see all the items that are going to be in your box pretty much as soon as you place the order, if you push the review button.  All three of the boxes I received are awesome, but I am only going to review the intimates and accessories box right now.

First, the intimates box.  They send four to five items out in each box, and I was lucky enough to get five items.  I was hoping for some fun items, but the items I got were pretty everyday.  However, they are practical.  The box had three pairs of underwear, which I put as a love.   Two of the pairs are shaping, which I had as a like not a love.  The non-shaping pair is a very cute pair of boy shorts.  There is also a green tank top.  It is a pretty average tank top.  There is also a five pack of Cynthia Rowley low cut socks.  All told the value of the box is $79.00.   I already ordered another intimates box that should be here next week.

photo 1-8

For the accessories box I had my loves as bracelets, scarves, hair accessories, and silver tones.  My accessories box had four items in it, two that were on my loves list.  The first item, my favorite, is mint infinity scarf.

photo 5-3photo 2-7It is the perfect weight for summer, and I am sure that am going to wear this a lot.  There is also a pair of earrings that match the scarf perfectly.  They are silver, so I will be wearing these too.  I am not a huge fan of the bracelet or the necklace that came in the box.  They are both gold tone.  The bracelet broke when I tried it on, so I will not be wearing it, but the necklace might get worn once or twice.  The total value of the accessory box is $73.00.

photo 4-5 photo 3-5

If you are interested in Wantable follow their Facebook page because they have been putting out some pretty amazing offers.


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