May/June Ecocentric Mom “Mom” Box

Hurray for an awesome May Ecocentric Mom box!  Ecocentric Mom is a mom run subscription box company that sends out environmentally friendly products every other month.  Ecocentric Mom offers three different box options: Mom, Baby, and Mom-to-be.  They are all $24.00, but if you sign up with a coupon code you lock in that price for the duration of your subscription.  I pay $18.00, and the value of the box is always excellent.  In March I was a little disappointed by the box because of all the samples and travel size items.  After emailing Ecocentric Mom, I have a better understand of their business plan, and I now know that they put in items that are sample or travel size.  Most of the travel size items can be used multiple times, so you can tell if you like them.

This month Ecocentric Mom curated a box full of some items that I know and love and some companies that are new to me.  The products that I am most excited about are the Playmaker Nutrition All Natural Gummy Vitamins ($13.99 per bottle).  They are specially formulated for kids and teen, and Ecocentric Mom included two bottles, multivitamin and calcium vitamin D.  My daughter is too young to have these, but I will use them.  There is also a really pretty ORGLAMIX All-Natural “Hot Mama” Eye Shadow ($9.00).  It looks like a perfect color for summer.

This month’s box also contained a bunch of travel and sample size beauty/ personal care items.  First is a Rise and Shine Organic Coffee Body Scrub by Simply Rustic ($3.00).  I used up all of the coffee soap from a couple months ago, so I am going to try this out soon.  There are also a Rejuvenating Face Cream by Monarch Farm ($5.00) a LrCrem Naturals “LeRevital Riche Body Souffle” ($3.00), and a Antioxidant Rich Organic Nightly Repair Nectar by La Mav (sample).   The last travel size item is a Wild Orange Natural Organic Solid Deodorant by Natures Natural ($1.95).  I am always on the quest for the perfect natural deodorant, and this one smells great.


The four items that we use a ton of in household, so I am happy to see in the box are: The Sill Squeeze with Eeze ($14.99), Boiron Arnicare Gel ($1.99), Licious Organics Raw Honey Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie ($1.20), and Lovely Candy Co. All Natural Chocolate Carmel Swirl ($1.74).  The Sill Squeeze with Eeze is often used in our house when we run out of “squeeze yogurts”, so it is always nice to have a second one.  Also, during the summer we tend to spend lots of time outside and get lots of bumps, bruises, and sore muscles, so the travel size Arnicare is perfect to take pop in carry on luggage when we fly.  In addition to all of this there is a $15.00 off a bag of Kiss Me Organics Matcha Powder.

If you want to find out more about Ecocentric Mom you can look at their website or Facebook page.  They frequently have great discount codes that put up on Facebook.


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