Silly Rhino May 3-4 Year Old Girl Box

May was a great month for kids boxes, and Silly Rhino was no exception.  I think this month was our all time favorite Silly Rhino box.  It was not the highest value box they have ever sent, but everything this month is awesome.  Since this weekend was a long weekend we have had lots of time to play with all the toys.  My daughter spent hours playing with the Pop Stick Art by Alex ($11.99) and the Eric Carle Hungry Caterpillar lacing cards by Chronicle Books ($14.99).  The Pop Stick Art is packaged well.  Each project is in a separate pouch and the instructions are easy to follow.  My daughter made three of the projects in one sitting.  The lacing cards are super cute.  Each one is an object from the story.  My little one really likes lacing cards, and these ones are heavy duty.  The box also included a “52” Cards deck by Chronicle Books.  The one we received was Rainy Day Activities ($6.95).  I thought we would not be using this for a while, but sure enough we had rain this weekend.  These cards are full of fun little ideas.  There was also a cute little Bamboo Zebra by Hape ($7.99).  I am not sure it is supposed to be a puzzle, but that is what my little has been using it for.  The last thing in the box is a bag of YumEarth lollypops ($4.00).  These have been a favorite in our house for a while now.  They are free of dyes and taste great.  


I am very pleased with this box because I will be using all of these activities with my little one this summer.  I am working on making quiet time boxes and the lacing cards are perfect.  The Pop Stick Art projects also inspired me to create other pop stick projects.  If you have not checked out Silly Rhino, the boxes are $35.99 a month.  I think it is well worth the price because the mom who curates these boxes puts a lot of thought into what she sends out each month.  


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