May Citrus Lane 38 Month Old Girl

The May Citrus Lane Box is all about playing outside, and I love it.  It is many repeat brands, but no repeat items, which is always a plus.  There are also a couple brands that have not been featured in past Citrus Lane boxes.  The biggest item in this month’s box is the Hero from Goodbyn.  I can’t tell you how much this one retails for because it is not for sale yet.  It is a very cool lunch container that is perfect for summer picnics.  It has one large compartment and two smaller compartments with “dippers,” little containers that are just the right size for peanut butter or humus.  The gardner and science teacher in me loves the water can ($7.99) from Hape Toys and the magnifying glass ($8.99) from Melissa and Doug.  The water can is just the right size for little hands and the magnifying glass is big and colorful.  


The new brands this month are Jasmine Seven and Back to Nature.  I am excited to try the Fresh Feet Wipes for Kids ($3.33) from Jasime Seven because my little one always has “outside feet” when it is time to nap during the summer.  They are antibacterial wipes, but other than that I am not sure how different they are from just using diaper wipe.  The last item that Citrus Lane include this month is a snack from Back to Nature.  My little one received a bag of cheese nips.   

For those of you not familiar with Citrus Lane it is a monthly box for kids from 0-5.  The subscription prices start at $21.00 for a six month subscription and go up to $29.00 for a monthly subscription.  Citrus Lane is always running special.  I paid about $13.00 a month for a year long subscription, so I can be too bummed about the boxes if they are not great.  However, the last few months have been fun and worth the amount you would pay.  If you are interested in subscribing click here and use the code SAVINGS20 to get $20 off of a subscription.  If you use my referral link, thank you in advance!


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