Pick Your Plum Mystery Grab Box

I am a sucker for mystery boxes, so it should come as no surprise that I had to have a Pick Your Plum Mystery Grab Box.  They offer them every couple of months and they are $30.00 plus $4.99 for shipping.  They are shipped priority mail, and I had mine 9 days after I ordered it.  This is the first time I ordered from Pick Your Plum.  I am alway tempted, but I never remember to order until the items I want are sold out.  I looked at reviews of previous grab boxes, so I was hoping to see a couple of items in mine when I order.  I really wanted to see some washi, craft paper, and other crafting items that I could use to make end of the year teacher gift.  I did not receive those items, but the box still rocked.  Here is a picture of the very full grab box.



The first two items I pulled out were clothing items.  It is pretty hit and miss with clothing items in a surprise box because they are usually not the right size.  However, Pick Your Plum random pickers must have known that I would love the skirt they sent because it fits perfectly.  The other item is a cute pink chevron skirt that will eventually fit my daughter.




In addition to the two skirts there were two winter hats, a shirt, and a belt.  The shirt is pretty see through, and I think it is a little too small one me.  The belt is one that might be fun to decorate, but I would not wear it the way it is.  However, both of the hats are adorable.


Pick Your Plum also had lots of necklaces to put into the mystery boxes.  There were four in my box as well as a belt for a very skinny person.  If you are a very skinny (think less and maybe way less than a size 4) let me know.  If I can’t find a super skinny person for the belt, then it will be perfect for lots of beads to work on fine motor skills with.


The box also had a lot of cupcake accessories in it, so I see lots of cupcake baking in my near future.


It also contained a bunch of random items that could be useful for crafting or for seeing your feet in the dark.  I did not take pictures of all of the items.  In addition to the fabulous randomness you see below there were a bunch of posts to make earrings with and materials to make keychains with.



I saved the best for last.  Pick Your Plum included personalized ribbon (“Thinking of you, Love Rachel”) in ever grab box, which made the box well worth the $34.99.



This grab box was an amazing value.  I love the skirt and the ribbon, and I am sure I will use many of the other items.  Sign up for Pick Your Plum emails if you want to be notified before the next grab boxes.



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