Stitch Fix #1

My first Stitch Fix arrived yesterday.  Stitch Fix is a personal styling/ shopping website.  The way it work is you fill out a fairly detailed style profile.  You then pay a $20.00 styling fee.  The $20.00 fee is applied towards whatever you buy from your Fix.  You get to try on the clothes in your own house.  You keep what you like and you send back the rest.  If you purchase the entire Fix you get 25% off your purchase.  If you return everything then you loose your $20.00 fee.  Each Fix includes five items, and the items can range in price with the mid-point being $55.00 an item.


Stitch Fix includes a card to help you style the clothes and note from your stylist.  My stylist for this fix is Alyssa.  Here is my Fix:

1) Kris Nations Toco Texas State Necklace ($42.00)- I live in TX, but I am not a Texan.  I also have a necklace that I always wear.


2) Daniel Rainn Kacia Geo-Print Mixed Material Blouse- When I first saw this I did not think I was going to like it, but then I tried it on.  Once it was on I really liked it paired with the pants that were included.


3) Sanctuary Rizzo Ponte Pants ($88.00)- I loved the fit of these pants, but I did not love the fake pockets.  If it seems like it should have pockets, I want real pockets.


4) Pomelo Corrina Striped Dolman Top- This was the one item that did not exactly fit correctly.  The sleeves were really tight.  It is also would not be a go to piece most of the year in TX.


5) Pomelo Fiona Embroidery Detail Striped Maxi Dress- This dress is amazing.  I like the lace detailing on the top and that is is navy not black.  I also like that it is long enough for me.

I really like the four clothing items in my fix, but I am going to return everything because they are not super practical for my life right now.  If I worked in a different environment or when out more frequently than I would have keep them, but that is just not the case right now.  The total for the five items would have been $220.00 if I purchased all five pieces.  If you sign up for Stitch Fix you receive $25.00 of credit for every person you refer who orders their first Fix.  If you are going to sign up please use my link.  Thanks!


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