Socialbliss April Box

This is my first month getting The Style Box by Socialbliss.  I ended up ordering it for two reasons.  First, I totally loved all of the pictures of the March box.  Second, when I had to go to a formal event several weeks ago I realized that I needed to expand my collection of “non-mommy” items.  So, I decided to spend $39.99 (plus s&h) to order the April box.  This is one of the most expensive boxes I have ordered, but they promised a retail value of at least $200.00, so I figured I was really saving money by ordering it.  Socialbliss ended up releasing spoilers of the box right after I ordered, and I knew that as long as I got the “big item” in the box in a color I would use, I would be very happy with the box because all of the items are “classy & fabulous.”

photo 2-3

Yesterday when I got home my Socialbliss box was waiting for me.  I had enough time to sneak a peak before supper, and I was excited to see the “big item” in the color I wanted it in.  Yippie!  It was not until this morning that I was able to take a better look at everything else .  Before I get to talking about the contents of the box.  I want to say that I was impressed with the two day shipping and the packaging.  The biggest item in the box (in both size and value) is a Socialites Night Out Bag by Izzy and Ali ($129.00).  I know this bag was sent out in an array of colors, and I really wanted the grey.  It is a great formal bag, which is something I was hoping to get when I ordered.  It is the perfect size and color for me.  The Little Black Compact ($5.00) is perfect to throw into this bag.  It is a fun flower shape and it has two different mirrors.

photo 2-4

Socialbliss included two pairs of earrings in this month’s box.  The first pair is a Touch of Sparkle Cubic Zirconia Earrings ($50.00).  These ones were sent out in a variety of styles, and I am glad I got such simple ones.  The second pair of earrings, Bohemian Circle Motif by Fig Tree ($22.00), is the bonus item from using the “SURPRISE ME” coupon code.  I personally think these earrings are a little to big for me to wear, but they are cute.

photo 4-2photo 5-3

I just received some great eyeshadow by Too Faced in the April POPSUGAR box, so I am excited to try out the Better than Sex Mascara by Too Faced ($15.00).   The final goodie in the box is a Girls Night Out Nail Art Kit by Stella ($7.00).  This kit is a little intimidating to me because it says for professional use, but even if the sparkles don’t get used on nails I am sure they will be used on a craft project.

photo 1-3

I am super impressed with this box, and I will be ordering another.  The total value of the April box was $228.00, and I know that I will be using at least $200.00 worth of the products.  If you order a Socialbliss box please use my link and remember to keep an eye out for coupon codes.  The put them up pretty frequently on their Facebook page.



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