Silly Rhino April 3-4 Year Old Girl Box

Silly Rhino’s April box is a hit in our household (literally and figuratively).  My little one was so excited when she saw her blue box waiting for her.  It was opened up immediately, and it was a struggle to get her to wait to start playing so I could snap a picture of the contents.  This month’s box has four items in it, and for the first time it has a repeat brand.  The toy that my daughter is the most excited about is the Wonderworld Knock Out Monkey ($14.99).  This is an awesome toy that I had not seen before.  It is a inspired by traditional Japanese games.  The point is to use the mallet to knock out one of the wooden disks without knocking over the whole monkey.  This is a great game for hand eye coordination.  It will be challenging for her for a long time, and I know that it will hold up because Wonderworld makes fantastic toys. After playing with the monkey for a little she asked me to read her the new book, What I Like About Me ($6.99).  As a teacher who is constantly talking about not bullying and appreciating everyone for their differences, I am a huge fan of this book.  I wish they wrote a book just like this for middle schoolers.


I think the pattern on the Sugarbooger My Garden Good Lunch Snack Set ($14.00) is adorable.  I love fruits and veggies.  My daughter is not a huge fan of fruits and veggies, but she really likes the pattern on the bags.  She thought I should put “something healthy” in them right away.  It turned out she was thinking chocolate would be a good healthy snack.  The repeat brand item is the Box Play Whale ($5.00).  This is the first item that we have received in Silly Rhino boxes that I am iffy about.  I could take it or leave it.  I loved last month’s Box Play items because they inspired creativity.  This one is just a tissue box decoration.  I really like whale, so I think we will have to be more creative with it.

I put all of the RTV prices in this review, but if you purchased the items off of Amazon, I think the value might be a little less.  However, the RTV is more than the $35.99 monthly subscription.  It looks like a month to month subscription is not the only option of Silly Rhino’s website, so if you are looking to join keep your eyes open for a discount code.  Also, I must say that I am impressed by how responsive the owner of Silly Rhino was to the feedback that she received last month on the shipping.  This month she used USPS priority mail and the package arrived in two days.  Next month is the last month on our current subscription, so I look forward to seeing the box.



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