A few weeks ago I shared a discount code and a few spoilers for the April POPSUGAR box.  I was so impressed by the spoilers that I ordered two boxes, and I am not disappointed with my decision.  According to POPSUGAR the April’s box is all about spring.  They put it together to get people thinking about spring cleaning and being environmentally friendly.  I think that they did a great job accomplishing these goals with the products they selected.  In terms of spring cleaning there are the literal cleaning supplies as well as some fresh new makeup.  To help keep your kitchen clean there is a fun set of “Totally Awesome” tea towels ($18.00) made by Fresh Pastry Stand.  These are not 100% my style, but I do like that they are made with water based inks, and we are always needing more kitchen towels.  The box also includes a Caldrea Rosewater Driftwood Hand Soap ($10.50).  I love Caldea products, so I am happy to have this soap sitting next to the sink.  To freshen up your look and your makeup (remember you should clean out your makeup once a year), there is a Too Faced Natural Eyes pallet ($36.00).  I don’t wear much makeup, but I like the natural colors and the instructions on how to apply the makeup.  For the environmentally friendly part of the box there is a Blueavocado (Eco) Shopper ($25.00).  This is my favorite item in the box.  It is a cute pattern, and it folds up nicely so it can be easily stored between uses.  I also like that is is made from upcycled materials.


In addition to these goodies there are a couple things that don’t fit in with the theme quite as well.  The first is a Graphic Image Pocket Notes ($20.00).  I use little notebooks all the time.  I would never pay $20.00 for one, and I am not sure who does.  But, since it was in the box, I will use it.  There is also a Naturebox POPSUGAR mix ($5.00).  It is a tasty mix, but not the best Naturebox item I have tried.  If I had paid full price ($39.95) for the boxes I would have been pleased with them, but since I only paid half price ($19.98) I am SUPER excited.  Some of the duplicates will make great end of the year teacher gifts for my daughter’s teachers, but I will use most of them.

As happy as I am with the box, I have found POPSUGAR’s customer service to be lacking.  I wish they had a phone number so you could talk to a real person.  The only way you can contact POPSUGAR is through email, and their responses are usually pretty general.  I hate having to send 20 emails to get one simple question answered.  With that being said if you are interested in checking out POPSUGAR you should know that a monthly subscription costs $39.95, but if you use a referral link (if you use this one a great big thank you!) and the code REFER5 you can get $5.00 of your first month.


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