Silly Rhino March 2-3 Year Old Girl Box

When sliming down on the number of boxes that arrive at our house each month, the one box I knew I was going to keep for my daughter was Silly Rhino.  Silly Rhino is a young box company, but I have been really impressed so far.  The company is still trying to figure out the best way to do everything, but it has not impacted the quality of the products.  They decided to go with boxes that are not themed a couple months ago, and this month they are trying out different shipping methods.  Last month our box was a little delayed because it got lost in their database.  This month we will end up receiving two Silly Rhino boxes due to a little age mix up.  The first box that arrived was for a 2-3 year old girl, but we subscribe for a 3-4 year old girl.  When I let the owner Anna know, she was on top of the issue and got the new box mailed out right away.


So, onto the 2-3 year old box.  When my little one opened this box, I was surprised by the items in it because I thought they were a little young for a 3-4 year old box.  Once I realized that it was the wrong box, the contents made more sense.  The biggest toy in the box is a baby animals block puzzle made by Mudpuppy ($14.99).  We gave a Mudpuppy puzzle very similar to this one to my daughter for her second birthday and she loves it.  It is great for stacking and for solving.  It is also very durable.  Another great toy in the box is a Rubbabu plane ($6.95).  Again, I think this toy is perfect for the 2-3 age range, but it is a little on the young side for 3-4.  However, I think that it can be used for imaginative play for many years.  The one in this box is red, but I know they come in all different colors.  There is also a Box Play paint palette egg carton sticker ($5.00).  Lalaalu sent out some Box Play items in their boxes, and we have used all of them, but this one is much cuter than the TP octopus or the mac n cheese camera.  I am all about recycling and so is my daughter.  I think she is going to have a lot of fun with this sticker.  Plus I am not going to have to worry about paint going places it should not.  There is also a Natural Earth Paint natural egg dye kit ($8.95) in the box.  I love this item even though we do not do Easter eggs because synthetic food coloring is so bad for you.  However, I think that Natural Earth Paints be pointing out all of the bad chemicals that are in most food dyes, not that some red dyes contain carmine, which is a safe an effective food coloring (although, it is not vegetarian).  The last goodie in the 2-3 year old box is a natural soap made by LoveLee Soaps ($6.00).  I know that all different shapes went out.  We have a cute squirrel.  It smells great.  I will post more about the 3-4 year old girl box when it arrives on Monday.


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