Little Black Bag


I ordered a Little Black Bag a couple weeks ago because they had a few really fun promotions going on.  I had ordered one bag before, and I was not super impressed.  However, it was really easy to cancel my VIP membership and they really do honor “Happiness Guarantee”.  Both of those are a huge plus in my book, so I decided to give it another try.  I love the bag that I received this time.  With Little Black Bag you pick one item that goes into your bag.  In my case, I picked a fun Jules Smith scarf that I liked.  You can then choose to use an “add to bag” feature where a random item or items are added to your bag.  The random item that was added to my bag was Dye Ties Piece A Work Hair Tie Set.  Little Black Bag also added a tube of Super Goop as part of a promotion.  Once you open your bag you have a week to trade the items in your bag.  You can offer your items to others and others can offer items to you.  You have the ability to accept or reject any swap.  I ended up swapping the Super Goop for Dye Ties Wonderstruck Hair Tie Set.  Many of you know that I love my hair ties, so at this point I was happy with my bag and decided to ship it.  With the promotions that were going on I ended up paying $10.90 for my bag, which included the $5.95 shipping fee.  If you are interested in trying Little Black Bag make sure to sign up with a referral link to save 25% on your first purchase and get the person’s whose link you use a treat in their next bag.  Here is my link if you would like to use it.  


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