Indie Gift Box St. Patrick’s Day Surprise Box

Earlier in the month Indie Gift Box offered 35 boxes of leftover surprises for $15.00+shipping.  All that was said about them is that the value of the items in the box would add up to between $28.00 and $35.00.  Indie Gift Box also gave an idea of the brands that would be included.  Based on the artists that they said would be included I was hoping for a felt bowl from Violet Ink Studio, but I had no such luck.  Here are the items that were included in my box:


2 pair of heart earring from Abby J Studio ($7.00/ pair)

1 Bird Broach from Hexagon Inc ($14.00)- FYI washi fans you might want to check out them out

1 Pom-pom wand(?) from Love and Marshmallows– I am guessing on what this is.  It might be a cat toy, but it is currently being used as a magic wand.

I had some problems with paying, so I had an extra item included in the box.  The extra is going to be included in the next box they offer., so if you like it you know to order the April box.  The bonus items was the flower ring ($5.00).  Mt favorite items in the box are the earrings and the bird broach.  I am not sure that I will ever wear the bird broach, but I am sure I can find someone who will.  I am not a huge fan of the wand and the ring.  The ring is made out of very fine filament, and it feels like it will break the first time I wear it.  Overall, I would say this box is a win since I like 3 out of the 5 items.


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