March Citrus Lane 37 Month Old Girl Box

This is the first month in a long time that I have thought that the Citrus Lane box was really cute.  Yes, there were still mostly all repeat brands, but we received no repeat items.  The biggest item in the box is a Petit Collage Farm Babies Puzzle ($14.00).  It is cute, but I think it is a little young for the 3+ age group.  However, my daughter likes it.  It also included two containers of Eco-Kids dough ($7.98).  I had just given my little one a whole set of these for her third birthday.  I like that they don’t smell like Play-dough.  I am going to pop these into a going out kit that I am making to keep in the car for having to wait a long time situations with a little rolling pin and some cookie cutters.  Citrus Lane has included Me4kids items in a few boxes, and they always get used.  This month’s box contained their Nail Buddy kit ($5.25).  Finally, there is a “Yum Yum Bakery” book by Hello Hanna ($9.95).  It is a reusable sticker/ coloring book.  This was a big hit, and I like that it is reusable.  It is a great carseat activity.

For people who are not familiar with Citrus Lane, it is a monthly sub box.  If you are month to month with them it is $29.00/month.  If you buy a six month subscription it is $21.00/month.  There are always great deals being offered on new subs.  Right now it is $20.00 off a



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