Indie Gift Box and Giveaway

Lisa and Regan from Indie Gift Box sent me the Bright Beginnings Box to review.  I have been want to review one of their box for a long time, and I was so happy when I got an email from Lisa letting me know that she was going to send me one.  I was even happier when she told me that she was going to send one lucky reader a box too.


Indie Gift Box is a monthly box with no commitment that sends handmade and small business goods.  I try to shop local and support small business whenever possible, so I really like the idea of this box.  In the past Indie Gift offered two different boxes, one was $20.00 + s&h and one was $25.00 + s&h.  For the January (the box featured in this review) and the February (The Librarian on sale Feb. 17) boxes they are only offering the $25.00 box, so if you live in the US the total price for this box is $30.50.  The boxes include $30.00-$60.00 worth of goodies.


When the Indie Gift Box arrived the first thing I noticed was that it comes in an envelope not a box.  I am always very impressed when companies can fit a lot of goodies into a small space.  The next thing I realized was that the envelope was green packaging, which I appreciate.  I hate envelopes that cannot be recycled.  Not only is the packing green, but inside was a little card letting me know that the packaging is earth-friendly and is recyclable or compostable (awesome!).  At this point I was already in love with the package.  It did not matter what was inside because it was already more socially responsible then many other boxes.  All of the goodies were wrapped up in bright pink paper and included a few info cards on top.  Lisa and Regan included a hand written note.  I am not sure if they include them in all boxes, but adds a feeling of more personalization.

ImageThe Bright Beginnings Box included five items plus a $5.00 off coupon for FlipSidez.  I am going to start with my favorite item from the box, a 2014 Stitch the Stars Calendar Kit ($25.00) by Heather Lins Home.  Since I teach Earth and Space science this calendar is perfect for me.  This kit includes 12 5X7 calendar cards that you embroider with glow-in-the dark thread.  On each card is the constellation from the zodiac that represents the month.  If you are interested in snagging one of these kits, they are currently on sale for $9.99.  While you are looking into the calendar, I highly recommend looking at Heather Lins Home’s science project collection.  I am in love with the pillows.


The next item that caught my eye is the Nazari Jewelry Swarovski pearl stud earrings ($15.00).  These earrings are bright.  I don’t frequently wear earrings, but my daughter asked me if I would pretty please wear them.  They are a little heavy for me, but they are a great way to dress up my mommy uniform of jeans and black t-shirts.  I like that a portion of all of NaZari’s sales go back into the community to help people in need.  The other jewelry item in the package is a Glamessence “Celebrate” bracelet ($9.99).  On the Glamessence website it says that the purpose of the bracelet is to help remind women to celebrate the wonderful people they are.  I think these bracelets would make a great gift for teenagers.


Another inspiration message came in this box.  Indie Gift included a postcard ($2.00) from Inspired Cards.  I really like the card that Lisa and Regan selected for the box.  I was just a little bummed that there was a sticker with a discount on the back of the postcard, so it is not very usable to send to someone.  However, I will be using the discount code to order some more cards.  The last goodie is a natural mineral blush ($9.00) made by Simplicity Cosmetics.  I have a bunch of events that I need to where make-up to in the next few months, so I will trying this out.


Overall, I am very impressed with this box.  It is full of unique treats made by companies that are environmentally and socially conscious.  I also like that you can pick the months that you buy the boxes.  It just means that you need to remember to order them before they sell out.  Since all of the items in Indie Gift Box boxes are individually made, they only offer a very limited number of boxes each month.  I think these boxes will make an excellent gift or special splurge.  Remember to enter to win an Indy Gift Box of your own by clicking on a Rafflecopter giveaway.


10 thoughts on “Indie Gift Box and Giveaway

  1. Great review! Love supporting small biz as well. the FlipSidez are FUN!! I’d probably get one with my upcoming wedding date to possibly use for engagement photos!

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