Silly Rhino “All You Need is Love” January Box

Silly Rhino has quickly become the favorite box in our household.  Anna, the creator of Silly Rhino, has done an excellent job of selecting new and exciting products that are not coming in every other box.  You can receive a monthly “box of awesome” for an awesome little person in your life (0-4) for as little as $33.99 a month.    photo 2-2

This month’s theme is “All You Need is Love” to help celebrate Valentine’s Day.  I really like that the boxes have a different theme each month, but I know that the themed formate might change in the near future.  Onto the items that arrived in the 3-4 year old girl box.  This month’s Silly Rhino contains five products.  The first item is Natural Earth Paints.  The paints included in this box are a sampling of several colors ($7.00).  They are environmentally friendly and kid friendly because they are non toxic.  They are also clean up friendly because they are water soluble.  If your child has a milk allergy be careful because they do contain milk and if you mix them up and have left overs, remember to refrigerate them.  In looking around the Natural Earth Paints’ website I saw that they have face paint, which I want to try.  The next goodie is Wherever You Are My Love Will Find You by Nancy Tillman ($7.99).  This is a favorite book in our household, and one that had an unfortunate demise involving our dog a couple months ago.  The illustrations are delightful and my daughter loves to tell the story.  If you already own a copy of this, I highly recommend it as a baby shower gift.  There is also a heart shaped FunBites ($12.99).  I have been wanting to try this product, so I am very excited that it came in this months box.  Also, it was perfect timing because I just started using the 100 Days of Real Food lunch plan for my daughter’s lunch’s, and I think this is going to make some of her meals more fun.  My daughter’s favorite part of the box are the Howells Natural Wood Products building blocks ($9.99/24 piece set).  They are really nice blocks, and they are so reasonably priced.  They are just the right size for little hands.  I have seen much more expensive wooden blocks that are not nearly as nice.  The final item is a framed print of a Winne the Pooh quote ($15.00), and it is my favorite item in the box.  As the Silly Rhino website hinted, it is something sweet that can be displayed.  It is great that it came pre-framed.  I have so many prints from other boxes that are just sitting around waiting for a frame, and this one is already up on the wall.

photo 3-2Silly Rhino once again delivered an exceptional box (exceptionally fast).  I hope that they are able to keep up the very high quality and thoughtful boxes as they expand.  In my mind, there is no other children’s box out there for the 3-4 year old range that is anywhere near as nice.  Even though this is one of the more expensive boxes, I think it is worth every penny.


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