Citrus Lane January 2014

I am shocked that Citrus Lane is the first box to arrive in 2014.  Their boxes usually don’t arrive until around the 21st, so I was very surprised to see it waiting at our door when we arrived home today. Especially because the Citrus Lane website does not show the box as being shipped yet.  My daughter was so excited for her package, and even more excited because the box has snow on it this month.  For those of you that don’t know Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription box for kids age 0-5.  Their prices are a little all over the price depending upon what deal you get.  It can be as high as $29.00 a month if you do a monthly subscription.  If you do a 3, 6, or 12 month it is much cheaper, and you can use the code HELLO2014 to save $20.00 off a longer subscription.  I purchased a 12 month subscription through Gilt and paid about $13.00 a month.  Since I paid so little for the subscription this time around, I am not expecting as much as I did when I paid more for the box.  


Last month I was really disappointed in all of the repeat brands.  I had a conversation with Citrus Lane and they said they were working on getting new and exciting brands into the boxes.  They also went above and beyond by sending my daughter an extra special gift.  This month once again has a lot of repeat brands, and it even has one repeat product.  However, my daughter loves the box so I do too.  The box contains four items and a coupon this month.  The first item is a Plan Toy Assorted Fruit Set ($10.00) that is a Citrus Lane exclusive.  My little one loves the veggie set that was sent last year, and she was playing with this before I could take a picture of it.  It is a set of three fruits and a knife.  The second item is Zig Zag Zebra ($3.99), which is part of the Barefoot Books young artist series.  It is cute, and this is one Barefoot item that we did not yet have.  Citrus Lane included a set of Farber-Castell double tip makers ($4.99) to use in the art book.  These are fun markers because you get 24 colors in just 12 markers.  They are also easy for little hands to hold.  The last item is Mommy Bliss Kids upset tummy and nausea relief ($9.99).  I am really hoping we never have to use this, but it is good to have around incase we do need it.  There is also a coupon code for Ruby Ribbon, which I don’t think I will every use.  


Overall, I would once again like to see some new brands, but since my kiddo was so thrilled about the box it is a winner in our household.  


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