Happy Holidays!

During my daughter’s nap, I took the time to open up a mystery box that was sent to me from Love with Food and a present that I ordered for myself from Amanda at Olio Luxe, soon to be Ponteliev Beauty.  The mystery box from Love with Food was a December box.  I had not ordered one, so I was surprised to see it with a card thanking me for supporting them.  As with the last few boxes, I liked it, so I restarted my Love with Food subscription.  I am currently on a sugar high from eating the Snow Angell bar and the Lindt chocolate square.  I am also a huge fan of the reusable bag.  The whole box looks awesome, so thank you Love with Food!


The gift box from Olio Luxe made my day.  I ordered a $25 box for myself.  It includes at least $50 worth of products.  I am amazed by the amount of effort and time Amanda puts into every shipment she send out.  I am not going to write about each product because I have not tried them out in the last hour, but I am going to share with you pictures of her amazing work.  Also, she included one of her brand new nail polishes.  I think it will be mani/ pedi time for little bit and me when she wakes up.




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