Not Again Citrus Lane

I have a love hate relationship with Citrus Lane.  We have subscribed since November 2011, and Citrus Lane has a special place in my heart because I have a picture of my little one with their box every month since she was 8 months old.  So, when Citrus Lane had the great deal on Guilt, I purchased another year.  This is an important fact for my next statement; I feel bad for anyone who paid $25 for this box.  I think that those of us that paid about $12 for it got a pretty great deal value wise.  However, I am getting so sick of seeing the same brands over and over again.  All four of the brands in this month’s box were repeat.  I really miss discovering new amazing brands through Citrus Lane.


Onto the contents of the box.  First, a handprint art kit from Pearhead ($14.94).  Repeat brand, different item, not a unique concept.  The toy is a Melissa and Doug Mix ‘N Match Peg Puzzle ($7.39).  Our box contained a princess one, which we already have.  However, M+D always makes great gifts.  The next item is a copy of I Took the Moon for a Walk ($7.99).  This is my daughter’s favorite bedtime story, and I highly recommend it, but we really don’t need a third copy of this book.  Barefoot Books also included a deal on their ambassador kit.  I am (for another 2 weeks) an ambassador.  If you are looking for something fun to do, I recommend it.  The final item is another tube of Episencial’s Snuggly Lotion (not full size $5.00ish).  Again, a product we love, but I want to learn about different products.   

If you are new to sub boxes, Citrus Lane is a great one to start with.  If you are interested in subscribing to Citrus Lane you can use my referral link (just click) to get $10 off your first month.


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