Silly Rhino’s All I want for the Holidays

I am love with Silly Rhino’s second box.  Silly Rhino is a small company that is run by Anna, a mama who puts a lot of thought into the items she puts into the boxes.  Subscriptions start at $33.95 a month, and are geared towards little ones between the ages of 0 and 4.  I subscribed my daughter for a 3-4 year old box.  

Ok, back to why I am so in love with this month’s box.  First, Anna wrapped the contents of each box and put a cute gift tag on the items.  This is a perfect touch for the holiday themed box.



Second, the items in the box.  Anna has forged relationships with companies that other sub boxes do not include, so this box has a unique assortment of toys that are not repeats from other boxes.  ImageOne of the companies that has been included in both Silly Rhino boxes so far is Geared for Imagination, which distributes all types of unique toys for kids.  The two Geared for Imagination toys in this month’s box are a Super Zeros – Story Book Gift Set ($14.99) and a Topozoo Apatosaurus 3-D Puzzle ($11.99).  My daughter really likes the Super Zeros and she loves capes so this is going to be a hit.  She also loves dinos, which means she will like the apatosaurus puzzle.  If you have not discovered Geared for Imagination yet, you can use the code SILLYRHINO to save 20% off your order.  The third toy item is Crayon Rocks Sixteen Colors Bag ($8.95).  These are great for strengthening little hands and help improve hand writing.  

The last two items are more everyday use items.  The super cute headband ($9.00)  is made by Tater Tots Trends, and I can’t wait to see this on my little one.  I know it will fit because it is adjustable.  You can use the code BRANDNEWYEAR to save 15% in the Etsy shop.  The last goodie in the box is a Rich Frog Wash Mitt ($5.99).  Rich Frog is the only brand that I have ever received in a subscription box before, and we love their items.  

ImageThis month’s box is the best value of the “toddler” boxes that we got this month.  The total value was a little over $50.00.  Anna, keep up the great work!  I am looking forward to seeing what you put together next month.  The January theme is “All You Need is Love.”  You can order a Silly Rhino box for your little one and save 10% on your first box with the code gameonrhino.



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