December Ecocentric Mom Baby Mystery Bonus Box

Every couple of months Ecocentric Mom has been offering mystery bonus boxes.  The first two times they offered the box it was $25.00 per box.  This time it was $19.00 per box because they said they would be smaller.  The first time they offered the bonus boxes they were amazingly awesome.  The second time they were still pretty awesome, and this time even though they are smaller I really like the baby box I received.  I only ordered the baby box this time because I get the mom boxes every month and did not feel like there was anything I really wanted more of (except an item they told me would not be in many boxes).

I know that I don’t have a “baby” in Ecocentric Mom’s target age range, but I was hoping there would be at least $19.00 worth of items my daughter could use.  I also have a lot of pregnant friends right now, so it never hurts to have extra baby shower items on hand.

So, here is what Ecocentric Mom sent out for $19.00:


Jack ‘N Jill Natural Toothpaste ($6.99)- I have been brand loyal to Branam for the past two years.  However, I will see what my little one thinks of this toothpaste.

Bumkins Flannel Wipes ($5.99)- These rock… we use them all the time for everything.  I highly recommend them.  They make awesome small doll cloth diapers too.

My Dentist’s Choice Tooth Tissues ($4.00)- I know that these are for younger kids, but I still like to keep them in my diaper bag to clean off little one’s teeth after a sweet snack on the go.

Camilia 15 doses ($6.43)- This is made by Boiron, so it is probably great stuff.  However, I don’t have a teether anymore.

Boogie Mist ($4.99)- Another product I love.  My daughter has lots of sinus issues in the winter so we go through a lot sprays.  This is one she asks to use.

Little Pim Spanish Eating and Drinking ($16.98)- We don’t really watch TV, so I am not sure this is going to get a whole lot of use.

Zubky Tie Dye Teething Ring ($12.00)- This is too cute to not be gifted to a teether.  I wish I had had this a couple years ago.

Baby Soy Socks ($3.50)- This is the third pair that I have received from Ecocentric Mom Mystery boxes.  I hear that they are great, but they are tiny.

Nourish With Style Pouch ($1.95)- These have been a hit in our house, so I am glad to add one to the rotation.

The total value of the box work out to $62.83.  This might be a little low because I took the lowest price I found each item on sale for right now.  I think this is another great Bonus Mystery Box.  I would love to see Ecocentric Mom space out the release of these boxes a little more so they are all as exciting as the first round.  However, I have no complaints.  I would also be so happy if Ecocentric Mom start offering a toddler box.  If you want to find out about the next box release follow Ecocentric Mom on Facebook.


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