December Yumvelope Review and Discount Codes

I was tempted by Yumvelope’s Black Friday offer, so I ordered one.  The deal was $5.00 off and a bonus Madecasse Chocolate bar.  I always enjoy seeing how much stuff they can fit into a flat rate envelope, so I was a little disappointed when it arrived in a box this month (although, I appreciated the cookies not being smushed).  Yumvelope sends out six or so of the natural and artisanal snacks, drinks, and desserts for $21 a month (unless you have a good deal).  It is super easy to sign up for an cancel.  


This month’s box was full of Sam’s favorite treats and sweets.  I think Sam and I like the same treats because I love the selections.  First, there were two items from Ticket Kitchen, a waffle pecan chocolate bar ($5.00) and a french truffle hot chocolate on a stick ($4.00).  The chocolate bar was amazing and did not last long.  The hot chocolate on a stick is going to make it into a Christmas stocking.  Then, there are four different flavors of Liz Lovely gluten free cookies ($2.00/cookie).  I shared the triple chocolate mint cookie with one of my students who is gluten free, and we both agree it is the best gluten free cookie we have ever tried.  The last items that were part of this month’s shipment were 10 Revolution southern mint tea bags ($2.50).  I like the tea, but it is not the best mint tea out there.  However, it is very pretty.  If this was all that was in the box I would have been super happy with all of the delicious treats, but I also had the bonus Madecasse Chocolate bar in peppermint ($5.99).  This is a limited edition flavor, and I am excited to try it.  


Here is the text from an email that I received from Sam at Yumvelope yesterday:

“Yumvelope is running an incredible deal through Thursday. All orders placed will receive $3 off plus an awesome 20 or 24-piece tea bag from the brand of your choice– Rooibos Chai from EcoTeas or a green or black flavored tea from Revolution.
Here are the codes: 
To get Revolution Tea, use code revolutionholidays.
To get EcoTeas, use code ecoholidays.
Whichever code is redeemed more will get an extra bonus– a honey jar to go with the tea from Marshall’s Honey!
In addition, all new gift orders until Thursday are eligible for a free mailed gift message to be delivered before Christmas. Just place your order and then shoot an email to with the requested message.”

So, if you want to try out Yumvelope now is a good time because this is a great deal.


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