Ecocentric Mom November Box

My November Ecocentric Mom mom box arrived while we were out of town, so it was waiting for me when I got home.  This is the first month of Ecocentric Mom’s new format.  Now, instead of sending out boxes every month for $21.00, they are sending out boxes every other month with a base price of $24.00.  However, they are still honoring the price that you signed up with, so my box is still $18.00 every other month.  They are doing this so that they can offer more thoughtfully curated and valuable boxes.  If you are thinking about joining Ecocentric Mom, now is the time because they are offering 20% off ALL subscription memberships with the code ECOCYBER20.  Ecocentric Mom locks in the rate you joined with until you cancel.  This code is good until 12/2/13, and it is the biggest discount I have ever seen them offer.


Ok, back to the box.  I was expecting to be wowed by this month’s box because it is kicking off the higher value boxes.  However, I was not blown away by the contents.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a bunch of the items that are in it.  It just didn’t have the level of wow I was looking forward to.  Let’s start with my favorite item item in the box, Oscillococcinum ($6.99), I swear by this item during flu season.  In fact I am such a huge support of it that most of my co-workers also use it.  It is great for everyone over the age of two.  I have already taken advantage of the coupon that was included to buy another box.  You can never have too much of this product on hand.  As I am writing up this post, I am eating the Eli’s Organic Earth Bar ($2.29).  It is delicious and organic, what more can you ask for.  Since Aunt Flo arrived while I was away, and I was not expecting her.  I had no “mommy items” on hand when we got home, so I have put the Maxim Hygiene Product to use already.  I really like that they are all cotton, but I am not 100% impressed by their effectiveness.  The last item that was useful right away was the 3 Girls Holistic Orange Pop Lip Gloss ($3.50).  My DP was in need of a new lip gloss for her chapped lips, so she took this one.  She liked the scent.

The rest of the products that I am going to write about I have not had the opportunity to use yet.  First there is a Vance Family Soy Travel Candle ($5.00).  I really like how other Vance Family candles burn and this one is candy cane scented.  There are a couple of Organic India Certified Organic Tulsi Tea bags and a bag of Lush Nuts Cinnamon Spice Nuts ($1.50).  There is a cute travel size Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Sweet Chai Lip Scrub and Lip Color ($2.80).  I like the little container they are in.  The last two items are full size.  The first is The Seaweed Bath Co. Hand Butter ($4.89).   The second is Tiny Voices Respiratory and Immune Support by Wellments Baby ($13.99).  I have heard of some kids having bad allergic reactions to this.  However, we use elderberry already, so I am going to check with the pedi before I give this to my little one.

Many of the companies included coupon codes so Ecocentric Moms can enjoy more of their products.  As you can see this box is a great value, and the moms at Ecocentric Mom did do an excellent job curating it.  I am not sure why the wow was not there for me, but I do like the box.  If you want to get a great price on Ecocentric Mom remember to subscribe before midnight on Monday using the code ECOCYBER20.


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