Welcome to the World Silly Rhino!

Silly Rhino is a brand new subscription box for kids ages 0-4.  Subscriptions are $35.99 for monthly subscription and go as low as $33.99/month for a six month subscription.  All prices include shipping.  In addition to a great name, Silly Rhino also has a lovely website and box.


I ordered a 3-4 year old box for my little one because she is getting close to being three.  The first thing I noticed about the box was how fun it is.  I like the bright blue and the saying “awesome in a box,” which is printed on the inside flaps.  What I liked even more are the contents of the box.  While the box does not have an official theme, I would say that it gives off a theme of endangered animals and caring for the planet.  The four items included are an Endangered Species neck pillow and blanket, an Endangered Species safari bath puzzle, an Anamalz rhino, and the book Ten Little Rabbits.  Information about all of the items is written up on a nice little card.

photo 2

My daughter received the elephant neck pillow and blanket, and I am sure she is going to love it.  I am wrapping it up so she can open it when we are on a plane on Saturday.  I think it is perfect for traveling and for school nap time.  It is very soft and very cute.  The retail value of the pillow is $26.99.  The safari bath puzzle is made by the same company as the pillow.  I have been eyeing these for a while, but I had not yet ordered them.  They are 3-D foam animal puzzles for the bathtub.  This set also came with bubble bath.  These sell for around $10.99.  The next item is my favorite because it is so perfect for the box.  It is a wooden rhino with moveable rope limbs.  It is made by the company Anamalz, which makes sustainable children’s toys.  I really like that Silly Rhino included a book in the first box.  I  am also pleased by the choice of book, Three Little Rabbits.  It teaches counting and Native American traditions.  It is the perfect book for a November box that arrives close to Thanksgiving.  The book is published by Chronicle and has retail price of $6.99 (remember if you want any Chronicle books use the code FRIENDS at checkout for 35% off your purchase).

photo 3

I think this box was a very strong start for a new subscription box company.  All of the items were thoughtfully picked and they are all very high quality.  If you are interested in finding out more about Silly Rhino, you can check out their website here.


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