“Scary Delicious” Love with Food

Love with Food sent me an October box to review.  I loved the September Love with Food box, so I was excited when they offered to send me a box.  Love with Food is normally $10.00 a month plus shipping.  Love with Food comes in a cute red box that is filled with lots of different samples.  Also, Love with Food donates a meal for every box that is sold.  If you sign up before December 1, 2013, Love with Food will be adding a bonus 2-year subscription to the Rachel Ray magazine for every 6- and 12- month subscription purchased (including both personal and gift subscriptions). 


The October box’s theme was “Scary Delicious”.  It included seven different products plus a few coupons, including one for a free Lean Cuisine.  I really, really like about half the products.  I am a Kind bar addict, so I am always happy to get another in a sub box.  My daughter is a Happy Squeeze addict, so she was happy to eat the Happy Family Fruit and Veggie Twist that was in the box.  However, the yummiest item in the box was the bag of Dang coconut chips.  These are the best coconut chips out there.  They are perfectly toasted, so they are crispy not chewy.  They taste so good.  I also like the little packets of Glee Gum in triple berry and the Torie and Howard hard candies. 


The products that I am not a huge fan of are the Chocolate Pizzelle Crisps.  I really tried to like them and I really wanted to like them, but they just tasted burnt to me.  Another product that I really try to like and just am not crazy about are Caveman Cookies.  The plus side to the Caveman Cookies is that I keep them in my classroom to give to gluten free students if I am ever giving out a non-gluten free treat to the rest of my students.  

Then there is the odd man out, the one product I don’t know what to do with… Pixo Pearls from Vinaigerie Gingras.  They are apple cider vinegar peals, and I have no idea how to use them.  If anyone has any suggestions let me know.  

The Pixo Pearls are my favorite item in this month’s Love with Food because it is the only item I have not tried before.  I subscribe to boxes so I can find new and exciting items.  The rest of the items in this month’s box I have received in other boxes.  I really like some of the items, so I don’t mind getting repeats.  However, I rather have new items, even if it turns out I don’t like them.  Overall, the October box is a win for me, and it is worth more than the cost of the subscription.  If you are interested in trying Love with Food, go check them out at www.lovewithfood.com, and remember the Rachel Ray bonus.  

Disclaimer: I was provided this box for free.  All opinions are my own.


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