So, I just got my second Graze box yesterday.  I was less than impressed with the first.  I was going to cancel it, but I forgot to.  It is not the end of the world because Graze is only $6 a month, and this month’s box was way better than last month.  Graze is a cute concept.  It is four different one serving snacks delivered on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.  If you sign up using a friend code, you get your first and fifth box free.  Graze packages their products nicely and there is nutritional info on each item included.  

My first Graze box included cinnamon pretzels, boston baguettes, super berry detox, and hot cross yums.  I liked the cinnamon pretzels and the super berry detox, but I thought the other two snacks we not so yum.  The boston baguettes themselves were fine, but the dipping sauce was strange as were the hot cross yums.  



This month the snacks in my box look way more appealing, and so far they have tasted much better.  This month I received honeycomb flapjacks, jalapeño fiesta, raspberry and coconut muffin, and honeycomb crunch.  The honeycomb crunch was the most appealing snack (it has chocolate in it), but as I was opening it I realized a few of the almonds were moldy so I threw it out.  I then went onto eat the honeycomb flapjacks and they are delicious.  I really really liked them, and I am going to have to figure out how to make them.  I have not yet tried the other two snacks, but they look like pretty basic nut mixes.  

Would I recommend trying Graze?  Sure, you can get your first box for free.  I think I am probably going to keep it a few more months and then decide.  If you want to try it out my friend code RD66NHVQB will get the first four people who use it a free first box.  



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