October Lalaalu Box

My little one’s October Lalaalu box arrived this week.  The theme for the October box is Urban Design.  I was excited for this box because I knew my daughter loves art and would really like the contents of this box.  However, since the holidays are so close, and we celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas, I snuck the items into holiday hiding after I looked at them.  I paid $30 for this month’s box because that is the price I subscribed at.  However, the box was sold for $40, but they did offer some specials on it.  If you like the Urban Design box it is still for sale on Lalaalu’s website.  

Lalaalu went back to including an info sheet in the box, but it is no longer personalized.  However, it lets you know why the various items were included and a little bit about them.  The curator for the box is Colleen Crivello.  Colleen is a fashion designer and mom.  I personally think that the selection of items is awesome, and that this box is once again a great value.  


Wallies Calkboard Decals ($9.99)- I would like this item even more if it was not bright green.  I am thinking we will probably put this up somewhere that is not highly visible.

Wee Gallery Dino Tattoos ($5.00)- I might be the only mom in the world happy to see these in another subscription box, but my daughter loves tattoos.  I love that these are not brightly colored with all kinds of bad dyes.  

Wash with Water Bare Naked Babydoll Shampoo/Bar ($11.99)- Smells good and made of good stuff.  This is getting into the line of bath products to try.

Bumkins Junior Bib ($9.99)- Perfect art smock.  I love the croc pattern on this one.  It is very colorful and playful.

Box Play Octopus ($3.00) -Since the Cloud B octopus light came in last month’s Citrus Lane box, my daughter has been somewhat obsessed with octopuses.  She is going to love this, and once she gets tired of it, the cat will love it even more.  

Pantone Color Puzzle ($16.95)- you can find it for around $10.00 on Amazon)- This was the big selling feature of this month’s box.   It is a brand new book all about colors.  We love books, and we love color.  This is an awesome new book.  This should be on every holiday list.  

Melissa and Doug Fluorescent Crayons ($5.99)- We have had a set of these for about a year and they are great crayons.  They are very durable and they are easy for little hands to hold.  


The one item I did not mention above is the Wash with Water Sweetpea and Me Shampoo and Body Wash ($22.55).  I am pretty sure this is the bonus items for early subscribers this month.  However, I am not 100% sure because it was not stated anywhere.  Either way it is a great item.  

If you are interested in Lalaalu, you can check them out at http://www.lalaalu.com.  I also recommend liking them on Facebook or signing up for their emails because they are always offering great deals. 


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