A few months ago I received a Plated gift card from Yumvelope.  I was bummed when I got it because Plated did not deliver to TX, but I was told to hang onto it because they would soon be expanding their delivery area.  Well, Plated now delivers to TX!  Plated is a delivery service for pre portioned ingredients and recipes for meals.  My gift card was for four plates and a one month membership, so all I had to pay for was shipping ($10).  Meals are $15 per plate for non-members and $12 per plate for members.  A membership is $10 per month, and you need to order a minimum of four plates for each shipment. 

Each week Plated posts a new menu of seven or so meal options.  The website tells you what ingredients are included with each meal and what basic pantry items you need.  It also tells you the difficulty level of preparing the meal and how long it should take.  The two meals I picked are Sockeye Salmon with Farrotto and Butternut Squash and Sirloin Steak with Swiss Chard and Rice Pilaf.  Both of these meals are a huge departure from the usually vegetarian meals that are cooked in our household, and I picked them because I wanted to see how easy Plated made these meals to prepare.  The salmon meal said it was a medium difficulty to prepare and the sirloin steak was an easy meal.

When the Plated box arrived everything was well packaged and very fresh looking.  It arrived on Tuesday, and we popped everything in the fridge right away.  We cooked the salmon last night and we are planning on cooking the sirloin steak tonight.  All of the ingredients are guaranteed to stay fresh for 4-5 days, so you don’t need to worry about cooking all of the food right away.  All of the ingredients are clearly labeled and say what recipe they are for.  The recipes are printed on 8.5X11 sheets of paper and include pictures and nutritional information.


The salmon meal was very easy to prepare.  We had to use a couple of pantry items like water, salt, pepper, and olive oil, but everything else was included.  I would like Plated more if the ingredients were organic, but I was very happy with being able to put a gourmet meal on the table on a week night with no food going to waste.  The meals are supposed to feed two, but we had enough for all three of us with leftovers of the farrotto for lunch today.  The salmon tasted great, and I can’t wait to try the sirloin tonight.  If you are invested in trying out Plated, you can click here to get two plates for free ($30 value).  Plated has a great referral program where you can earn two plates for every two people who order using your link, so thank you if you use my link 🙂








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