Olio Luxe Love

Amanda, the wonderful creator and owner of Olio Luxe, was kind enough to send me a sampling of her products.  Olio Luxe is a subscription box that is $24/month.  It contains $30-$45 worth of products that are all handmade (by Amanda), all natural, and always unique.  Each month the packaging and products are different and exciting and some months the subscription includes keepsake boxes or cosmetic bags.  The part that I am most impressed by is that Amanda manages to run a fantastic company and raise her children while her husband is deployed.


I don’t normally love beauty products, but I do love products that are sulfate free, paraben free, and fragrance free, so I was super excited to receive this package.  Also, I love the thoughtful packaging and attention to detail she put into creating her shipments.  Amanda sent me seven products to try.  Some of them are sample size and others are full size, just like in her normal subscription boxes.  The products she sent are:



Naked Luxe Balm- This is my favorite item in of the bunch.   On Friday I spent the day at the food bank sorting and packaging cans along with my sixth grade boys.  A bunch of us had minor scrapes on our hand by the end of the day, and we all put this on.  Everyone liked it (this says a lot because we are talking about 11 and 12 year old boys).  I have also been using it on my lips this week, and I used it on a dry patch of skin on my daughter.  I think I like it so much because it is fragrance free and very versatile.

Cuticle Balm- Love this too!  We used it before giving ourselves Piggy Polish pedicures.  I saved the rest for when the weather gets colder and my cuticles are a mess.

Chamomile Eye- I used this on my allergy eyes and it really does make a difference; just like Amanda said it would.  If I was more together I would have taken a picture before I started using it so I could show you all the difference it made.

The Shine (Spice Tea)- I like this product because I like lip balms, but I think I liked the Naked Luxe Balm even more.  It leaves lips feeling smooth.  My little one liked this because I let her use it too.  Why not it is all natural?

Rustique Bath Tea- If the muslin bag had not been included, I think I would have been very stressed out cleaning the bath after a very relaxing bath.  However, it was included so I had a great bath, I ended up with soft skin, and there was no mess.  My second favorite product from the group.


Rose Gold Luxe Facial Serum- This was probably not the best week to test this out because my skin was a mess to start with, so I am not sure if this contributed to more of a mess or I was bound to break out anyway because of where I am in my cycle.  Sorry if this is TMI.

Rustic Dry Body Oil- This body oil does have a woodsy smell, but it was a little too much for me.  However, if you like fresh smells and you like scented products you should give it a try.    

So, after using the products for a week, I am in love with Olio Luxe.  As I said before,  Amanda was kind enough to provide me with the products to try, but all of the opinions are my own.  If you are interested in find out more about Olio Luxe visit http://www.olioluxe.com.


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