Ecocentric Mom Mom Mystery Box!

My Ecocentric Mom (Mom) Mystery Box arrived at the end of the week.  Yesterday was a rough day for my little, so this is the first chance I am getting to write about it.  I am really happy that I had no self control and ordered this box in addition to the baby one.  I was not planing on it because I did not love how everything was sample sized in the first mystery box I received over the summer.  This box is totally different than the first, except for the fact that it is also a great value.  The mystery boxes were $25.00, and the totally value of this box was $111.93 plus the value of the samples.  There were more food type items in this box and less “beauty” items.  If I did not like honey, I would probably have a totally different opinion of this box, but I am luck because I do.  Almost a quarter of the box’s value comes from food items made with honey.


Here is a break down of the items the Mom Mystery Box contained.  I got most of the prices off of the brand websites.

Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato Chips ($1.50)

2 bags of Honibe Honey Delights ($5.99 each)

2 packs of Honibe Lemon Honey Lozenges ($5.99 each)

Happy Seeds Watermelon Foaming Hand Soap 1.76 fl. oz. ($5.30)

Peepods Panty Liner ($9.33)

3 pouches of Eat Green Tea 3 oz. each ($2.25)

Vance Family Soy Candle Love Scent ($5.00)

Wellhand Action Remedies Power Prism Deodorant 2 fl. oz. ($5.99)

Lauren Brooke Cosmetics Lip Color Chablis ($12.00)

Suncoat Natural Mascara ($14.99)

Brigit Magic Skin Balm ($5.50)

Crunchy Mama’s Lip Balm ($3.00)

Eve Organics Dirty Hands Hand Sanitizer 2 fl. oz ($6.95)

Good Greens Apple Crumb Bar ($2.99)

2 Gnu Foods Flavor and Fiber Bars ($1.99 each)

3 Lotus Moon Hibiscus Flower Hydrating Lotion Samples

Pure and Remedy Gentle Hydrating Facial Moisturizer .25 fl. oz. ($2.50)

Sheaterra Rose Hips Black Soap 1 oz. ($4.50)

Nature’s Kick Honeystix Clover Honey 7 sticks ($1.69)

2 Greene Street Soap Samples

Possum Hollow Farm Soap Vanilla Bean Sample

Pure Matters Protein (Company no longer in business)

Willow Tree Minerals Cranberry Eye Cream Sample

Untrash Our World Bag Sampler

2 Allimax Samples

Total Value $111.93

Once again, if you are interested in trying out Ecocentric Mom, you can get 10% off your monthly subscription with the code ECOMOM10.  I recommend the mom box to any adult.  You don’t have to be a mom to enjoy it.


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