Citrus Lane October Box

This month the first thing we noticed about my duaghter’s Citrus Lane package was that the box was pink not yellow.  When we opened it up their is information about Bowstach and punch out bowstaches on the bottom of the box.

Citrus Lane was a huge hit in our household this month.  It came in the middle of a not feeling well, over-tired day, and my daughter was so happy with everything in the box.  We have a Cloud B Twilight Turtle that she has loved since she was little, so when she saw the Dreamz & Twinkles to go she immediately turned it on.  She was overjoyed to see that it made fish, bubbles and seastars instead of the night sky.  She was also very happy that she could change the color that it lights up from blue to red.  Last night she insisted upon bringing it to bed with her so she could cuddle it.  Not really the best use of a plastic toy but that gives you an idea of how much she loves it.  My little one also likes the Hohner Kids Rhythm Sticks.  She has used them at music class, so now she is happy to have a pair of her own.  We used to get BabyBug Magazine, but I think she is getting a little too old for it, so the Ladybug Magazine and the three month subscription will be put to use in our house.  The last item in the October box is BOPS for Good Boy Organics.  We have not tried them out yet, but we have really liked all the other Good Boy Organics products we have tried.


For those of you that are not familiar with Citrus Lane, it is a monthly subscription box for ages 0-5.  It is about $25 a month depending on how many months you sign up for or what offers are available when you sign up.  I renewed my daughter’s subscription last year on Black Friday and paid $90 for six months.  They are not running any deals that are amazing right now, but if you are interested in subscribing to Citrus Lane you can use my referral link (just click) to get $10 off your first month.


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