Ecocentric Mom September Mom Box

My Ecocentric Mom Box arrived on Saturday just before nap time, so I actually had time to open it before worrying about my little one running away with the contents.  I really like my Ecocentric Mom subscription because Ecocentric Mom is a company run by eco-conscientious moms and they often include items that I don’t even realize I need until they arrive.  The most you will pay for an Ecocentric Mom subscription is $21 a month, but you can find coupon codes and they discount subscriptions.  I pay $18 a month.  They offer baby, mom, and mom-to-be boxes.  I have tried out the baby and the mom boxes, and this month I got a mom box.


As most of you know, I am a school teacher, so I am just getting over my first cold of the school year.  I am so happy that Ecocentric Mom included many different germ fighting products in the September box.  The first one is a four-day sample of Allimax garlic capsules.  Garlic is a great immune system booster.  To keep hands clean there is a container of Eve Organics “Dirty Hands” Hand Sanitizer ($6.95).  It is the perfect size to keep in a diaper bag, purse, or desk draw.  There are also two 2 oz. containers of Tru All-Natural Multi-Purpose Cleaner ($1.99 each).  One is living in my desk at school and the other one has made it home in the diaper bag.  I really like that this cleaner is 100% natural (for real), so I put it in the diaper bag to use on tables, high chairs, and toys.  The last germ buster in the box is a FruitSpritz by SpritzBlitz ($5.99).  It is a spray for fruits and veggies that cleans them without needing water.  I am not sure how frequently we will be using this, but it is a neat concept.

This month’s box also has a bunch of pampering products in it.  Unlike last month, most of this month’s products are sample size.  There are two samples of Eve Organics Balancing Moisturizer and a “travel” size sample of Real Pure Lipstick.  I am okay with these two products being sample size because the likely hood of me using either of these items is small.  However, there is a great full size lip balm by Bella Organics ($3.50).  It is crisp apple and it smells fallish.  I am a huge lip balm person and this is made of all natural and organic ingredients.

There are also two bags of Beanfields Bean and Rice Tortilla Chips ($1.49 each) in the box. They are so tasty.  My favorite item is a Hang-It-Up Eco Friendly Bamboo Hanger ($9.98).  It is not for clothes; it is for scarves and other items that came be slipped though the elastic loops that run along both sides of it.  It is perfect for organizing odd-shaped/sized items.

In addition to all these goodies there are three special offers included in the box.  Two are discount codes for products and the third is a code for seven free prints from PostalPix ($7.58).  I am always taking pictures on my iPhone, so I will be using this deal soon.

Ecocentric Mom once again did a great job picking items for their mom box.  I am signed up to get an Ecocentric Mom baby mystery box and a mom mystery box next week, so I will keep you all posted.  If you are interested in Ecocentric Mom you can find them at


5 thoughts on “Ecocentric Mom September Mom Box

  1. Thanks for your review, Rachel! I’m one of the co-founders of Tru All-Natural Multi-Purpose Cleaner, and I’m happy to hear you’re using the product at home and at work! You can be confident knowing the product is completely natural and non-toxic, and safe to use around your child and pets at home, and your kids in the classroom at school. Since you’re a science teacher, you might be interested in a little more detail about why the product works so well: Thank you!

  2. Thank you for such a wonderful review Rachel! I’m the co-founder of Bella Organics, we are so happy to hear that you loved our Apple lip balm! It’s 100% organic and safe for kids of all ages, it clips on to key chains, purses, back packs and more! We offer many more flavors of lip balm on our website as well as safe, organic skincare for the whole family. Thanks again!

  3. Rachel, thanks for taking the time to review all of the products in your box this month, including our Real Purity lipstick! We’ve gotten a lot of great feedback on the color, so we hope you have a chance to use it sooner or later. We do also sell 100% organic, all natural and cruelty-free lip glosses, which are a mix of the benefits of a balm with a little bit of extra color. We have samples of several shades at – hope you get a chance to try them out!

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