Woolzies Dryer Ball GIVEAWAY! Update

First the update:  The missing dryer ball has been found.

Next a more complete review:

A few weeks ago I was sent a box of six XL Woolzies Dryer Balls.  Woolzies are a 100% natural fabric softener.  They are made from New Zealand wool, and they are safe for people with wool sensitivities because they do not shed onto your clothing.  I have not had time to do serious laundry since the school year started, so the laundry built up and I had a busy laundry weekend.  I washed all the sheets in the house, a few loads of towels, and a load of cloth trainer.  Not to mention a load of toddler clothes and a load of my clothes.

Now that I have used Woolzies a little more I am confident in saying that they are a winner in the dryer ball category.  They do a great job of reducing static and drying time.  We have a very energy efficient front loading dryer, and it usually takes more than one cycle to get big loads all the way dry, but not with Woolzies.  They allowed the sheets and towel to dry 100% of the way on the first cycle.  It still took a cycle and a half to get the bamboo trainers dried, but they came out super soft, and bamboo takes forever to dry.  I have a couple of work dresses that are normally full of static when I take them out of the dryer, but after a cycle with the Woolzies they were much less static filled.

The Woolzies are larger than many of the other dryer balls I have used, and I am using all six of them at once so that may account for why the work much better than other brands I have tried.  I also like that they are not dyed.  As with any dryer balls, if you have a small load you will have the thump, thump, thump of the balls hitting the drum the whole cycle.  If I am drying a really small load, I throw in a clean dry towel to help eliminate the noise (especially during nap time).

The great people at Woolzies are going to give one lucky reader a set of their own dryer balls.  If you want to enter the contest just click here: a Rafflecopter giveaway.

Disclaimer:  Contest open to US residents only. The prize will be shipped by Woolzies.  Woolzies provided me the dryer balls to review, but my review only contains my honest opinion.


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