September’s Love with Food and Yumvelope

This month I scaled back the number of food boxes I subscribed to, so I only received two.  I was overly impressed with one and not so impressed with the second.  I will start with the one that I really liked.


Love with Food, which is normally $10.00 a month plus shipping, had an offer to get your first box for only $2.00, the cost of shipping.  Since it had been a while since I had tried love with food and the September box promised to include organic and gluten free snacks, I decided to sign up using the code FBGIFT.  September’s box was curated by Chef Ming Tsi and it included 9 different snacks (10 if you count the two different flavors of sipping broth).  All of the snacks in this box were a huge and immediate hit in my house.


My daughter inhaled the Cheddar Cheese Organicasaurus in no time at all.  She keeps asking for me “Dinosnacks”.  I am going to have to order some to keep her happy.  They keep me happy too because they are a fairly healthy snack for her.  She was very happy to see the YumEarth Organics fruit snacks in her lunch.  Her teachers told me she named each piece of fruit as she at them.   The humus and blueberry fruit bar also made their ways into her lunch box, and her teachers said she ate them up too.

I have already purchased more of the Cosmos Creations Cinnamon Crunch.  It is so good.  If you have not tried it yet and you live near a Kroger go there and purchase some.  It is $10 bags for $10 there and you will not regret buying it.  I tossed the bruschetta mix into some pasta and it was yummy.  I am saving the Cherry Berry Cookie for my mom who is gluten free, and I sent the sipping broths to person who loved them in her box.   I am so glad that I took advantage of the two dollar offer from Facebook because I discovered some amazing new snacks.  I am trying to not get food boxes anymore, but I will keep Love With Food in mind for when I go back to subscribing to food boxes.


The box that I am disappointed in this month is Yumvelope.  The Yumvelope website says that for $21.00 a month they send out at least six full size food products a month, and I don’t think that the six items that came in this month’s box all qualify as “full size”.  I would say three of the products are full size, one is maybe full size, and two are sample size.   The full size items are a Frontier Soups’ Enchilada Soup Mix.  This looks like it will make a tasty soup once it is not 90 degrees outside.   There is a bag of Caveman Cookies’ Alpine Cookies.  I love the idea, but I am not a huge fan of the taste.  The third full size item is a Carman’s Kitchen Granola Muesli Bar.  This is my favorite item from this months box.  The maybe full size item is a package of Two Moon Art House and Cafe’s Rosemary and Sea Salt Shortbread Cookies.  They were tasty, but there were supposed to be two flavors in the shipment, but due to last minute problems only one came in this month’s box.  The sample size products were Crum Creek Mills’ Soy Nut Mix and Crum Creek Mills’ Breadsticks.  Both were okay, but not something I would purchase on my own.  I guess I just was expecting something different, and I was a little bummed by the selection and value of this month’s Yumvelope.  IMG_0832



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