Lalaalu Little Yogi Box

Lalaalu has made many changes since I order our first box in April.  When I first ordered, they ran a monthly surprise subscription service.  It then changed to a monthly subscription service, but you got to see what you were getting in advance.  Now, Lalaalu has changed to a bi-monthly pay as you go company, and you get to see the box before you order.  The boxes range in price, but since I was already subscribed I get charged $30 per box through the end of 2013.

This month Lalaalu’s theme is the urban yogi and it is curated by Elena Brower, who is a NYC yoga instructor.  We get the toddler box since my daughter is 2.5 years old.  Here is the picture that Lalaalu put up on their website during the ordering window.  The box look like it would not be our favorite one, but I really like the little yoga mat, so I ordered it.  It also looked like it was going to include 16 packets of quinoa Nurturmeals, which are a favorite around our house.  Also, people who are subscribers were told they were going to get an extra item, which is always exciting.

The box look a little different when it arrived.  It had all of the items, but only four packets of Nurturmeals, and as far as I could tell no bonus surprise.  When I contacted Lalaalu, they informed me that the there was an extra packet of Nurturmeals in the box and that was the bonus item.


So, here is the run down of what came in the box:

A super cute yoga mat made by The Little Yoga Mat.  This mat alone is worth the value of what I paid for the whole box.

A mOmma straw cup, which is the older kid version of the mOmma sippy cup that my daughter loved.

A Twin Sisters Nature Sounds CD, which is something I never would have purchased on my own, but my little one really likes it.

There are also two Orgain drinks, which are always a hit, and four packets of the Nurturmeals quinoa cereal.

Overall, I am happy with the box, but I am not in love with it.  It is once again a great value, and we are going to use every item in the box.  If you are interested in trying out Lalaalu make sure to like their Facebook page because they send out great offers right around box ordering time.


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