Trade As One Fall Box

I love buying fair trade items.  It might be because there is an amazing fair trade store, Fair and Square Imports, walking distance from my house, or it might be because I believe that all people deserve a living wage and nobody should be living in poverty.  Either way, I was very excited to learn about a Trade As One, which is a quarterly subscription box that sends out fair trade food and “treaty” items.  Subscribers are mailed a box containing 12-14 items every three months.  Each box is $99.00, which is about a dollar a day.  This might sound like a lot of money to spend on a box, but once you see what is in the box you realize what a good deal it is.  Also, a dollar a day towards fair trade food is probably a very small amount of your whole food budget.

I first found out about the box mid-June and signed up at the beginning of July.  I opted to wait for their fall box to come out to review it, so people would be able to see what they would receive if they signed up for Trade As One in the next few months.  Well it is now fall (kind of), and the box arrived today.  I had it mailed to my work so it would not be stuck outside in the TX heat.  I was so giddy when I went to the mailroom to pick it up that my co-workers made me open it right then.  They were all impressed by this box.

Trade As One’s fall box contains 14 items, 12 of the items are food and two are “treaty” items.  The items cover a broad range of tastes, so if  you are not a fan of one type of food chances are you will like the rest.  Also, each box has a feature company, and the feature company this time is Women’s Bean Project.   There is a lot of information about the company and some recipes included in a little book.  The Women’s Bean Project is based in Denver.  They employ and help women transition from from unemployment to job readiness.  The three items from the Women’s Bean Project that are included in this box are: golden cornbread mix ($3.75), snickerdoodle mix ($5.00), and Toni’s 10 bean soup mix ($5.75).


The fall box that I received has three Equal Exchange snack type items,  a bag of organic dried mango ($5.95), a bag of Chilean flame raisins ($4.75), and a box of six apricot Geo Bars ($3.75).


There is also a great assortment of teas from The Republic of Tea (about $6.00) and some cocoa powder from Divine Chocolate ($4.99).


From Canaan Fair Trade there is a bag of maftoul ($4.57) and a jar of green olive tapenade ($8.00).  Trade as one included recipes for these to items that look like they are going to taste awesome.  I can’t wait to try them out this weekend.


The last two food items are Alter Eco‘s ruby red rice ($4.79) and Riega Foods‘ quinoa crispbreads ($5.11).  The quinoa breads are a great gluten free cracker alternative.


The two “treaty” products in this box are a lemongrass soap ($10.00) made by Frustrated Farmgirl and shea and baobab lip balm ($2.99) made by Alaffia.  I could resist opening up the lip balm right away and it is excellent.

I know that the value of the products in the box is not quite equal to what you pay for the box, but it did weigh nine pounds, so it is an expensive box to ship.  Also, I would have never learned about several of these companies had they not been included.

If you want to try out Trade as One, use the code mommysubboxes and Trade as One will donate $20.00 to Food for the Hungry’s Bean Program.  This is enough to feed a family of four living in poverty beans for a year.  With the gifts that Trade as One made to Food for the Hungry last year Food for the Hungry’s “Guatemalan staff is able to provide nearly 9,000 lbs of black bean seeds to some of the poorest of the poor in Guatemala.  9,000 lbs of seed can produce a harvest of more than 135,000 lbs of black beans for food.   That amount of food could feed nearly 1,600 people for 1 year.   Along with seed distribution comes agriculture training and irrigation training.”

Disclaimer: Trade as One provide me this box at a discounted rate so that I could share it with you.  All opinions are my own.  


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