Box Love Exchange

One of the Facebook groups I am in just ran their second box exchange.  The boxes are allowed to include new items or items from subscription boxes.  I included both new and sub box items that I received when my daughter was too old for them.  However, I really like all the items in the box and have used them.  The group is amazing and everyone put together the coolest boxes for their matches.  Here is a sneak peak at the box I put together for a mom who listed her three interests as:

Interest #1: Baby 0-12 months – BOY

Interest #2: Beauty – Nails

Interest #3: Health/Fitness.

Her son is three months old and will be starting solids when he is four months old.

Here is the box:


Here is the info sheet I included:


I am so excited that I got you as my match. After a little stalking of your blogs, I put together this box. I went with the theme, Healthy Baby Happy Baby, Happy Mama Healthy Mama. I hope you like it, and I will not be offended if you want to swap any of the items. Some of the items for baby are for now and a couple of them are for a few months from now. I know you are going back to work next week, and I know that work seriously cuts into baby product research and shopping time. I also included some goodies for you to make your transition back to work easier and to help you relax when you get stressed. I did include a couple of skin items that work well for people with sensitive skin. We use them and we all have super sensitive skin.

Happy Unboxing!


Items for Baby:

Gripe Water- On your blog you wrote about baby’s tummy issues early on. I am not sure if he is still having any issues, but gripe water is always good to have on hand. It is great for teething as well as any colic issues.

Hyland’s Baby Teething Tablets- Another great thing to have on hand because you never know if you will need them. I hope baby is a happy teether and you never need these.

Bear About Town- I have a thing for read, and I assume you do to judging by your college major. The Bear series of books is one of our favorite infant book series.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar soft book- I saw that baby is now grasping for things, so this can be hung above him now. Later on he can hold it and chew on it while looking at himself.

BabySoy socks- I love how soft these are, and they will be great for keeping his feet warm as the weather gets chilly.

Little Duck Oatmeal- To add a little variety to the oatmeal options.

Nurturme Packets- These are made in TX and organic. The peas are for now and the other packets are for the future. I included three different flavors and two coupons so you can see what he likes. You can now find these at Target. *state item

OrganicKidz Baby Bottle- This is an awesome stainless steel baby bottle. The flow is a little fast for right now, but I am sure he will grow into it. You can also convert it into a sippy cup and a water bottle.

Items for Amanda Mighty Leaf Assorted Teas- These are amazing teas and you don’t have them at work, so I thought these were a perfect treat for you to have on cold fall mornings.

OPI Nail Polishes- I know nothing about nail polishes, so I hope these are useful to you. I tried to pick out fun ones.

Jamberry Nails- Here is a sampler pack to have fun with. If you need to see how to apply them, there is a video on their website.

Yoga Download- This is an awesome website, so have fun picking out a yoga workout you can do at home.

Scrubz- To help turn an ordinary bath into an extraordinary bath.

Soapbox Soap- I know your favorite color is orange because you are a Syracuse alumna (so is my partner). However, I did not know what Syracuse items you already have, and I did not want to pick out one you already owned. So, I went with this amazing soap. The soap is great, but so is the mission of the company.

I am really hoping that my buddy likes her box.  It was a lot of fun to make.  I am looking forward to round #3 in November.


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