I am in love!

I never thought I would be this excited start my cycle, but my Juniper box just arrived yesterday.  Juniper is a monthly subscription box devoted to your monthly cycle.  It is $28.00 a month and includes all the feminine care products you will need as well as a bunch of goodies.  I love this month’s box.  I really, really LOVE it.  In addition to the wonderful selection of tampons and pads, this month’s box is filled with CHOCOLATE.  Not a piece or two of chocolate, but a whole lot of chocolate.  Chocolate makes me happy so this box made me very happy.  However, that fact that this box was delivered on a day when it was 106 degrees outside made me sad because all of the delicious chocolate was liquified, but the fact that it will solidify again makes me happy.


Onto the specifics… this month Lynn and I decided that she would send me:

16 Natracare Regular Tampons
16 Natracare Super Tampons
5 Natracare Regular Pads
5 Always Infinity Liners.

I went for a variety because my cycle is crazy and I never know what or when to expect it.


The theme for this month’s treats is “Say Oui to Chocolate.”  I say yes please!  My box also include a couple of the goodies from other boxes.  The Sasso Bar is a candy bar for grownups.  It is nougat and coffee caramel covered in dark chocolate… yum.  The story behind this candy bar is pretty cool too.  The owner started the company in the San Francisco area to try to revitalize the production of regional candy bars.  This was totally melted when it arrived, so I am interested to see how it will look once it is solid again.  There are also eight New Tree Chocolate Leaves in a variety of flavors.  I really liked the dark chocolate with ginger.  The other super delicious looking chocolate items are a Toffee Talk bar and a bag of Bart’s Extreme Chocolate Chocolate Cookies.  I could really eat all of these things at once, but I know I would regret it.  In addition to the snacks there are three Mighty Leaf Tea bags and three Nature’s Kick Honey Sticks.


In addition to this month’s featured goodies Lynn included a bag of delicious key lime cookies and a bag of roasted salted pistachios, which are both treats that I love.  If you are on the fence about getting a time of month box or which box to get, I really recommend Juniper because Lynn, the owner, provides excellent customer service.  I let Lynn know about the melted chocolate, and she is going to try to figure out a way to keep it cold so everyone else receives solid goodies.  If you order a box let Lynn know that I sent you her way.  www.getjuniper.com


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