FabKids and Honest Company

The August Citrus Lane box included a deal for a free (well almost) outfit from FabKids.  FabKids is a monthly clothing subscription.  For $39.95 a month you get to pick out a three piece outfit.  I wanted to check it out, but I would never pay that much for one outfit, so the Citrus Lane offer was the perfect way to see what FabKids is all about.  With the offer you just had to pay for shipping, which was $4.95.  I had a hard time picking out an outfit because I did not really love or even like any of them, but I finally settled on this one because I am thinking it can be turned into a cute Halloween costume.  ImageI think if I pair it with orange leggings and a little broom stick it will make a very cute witch costume.  It also looked much cuter on my little one than I thought it would.  I had heard awful things about canceling FabKids, but I did not have a problem.  Yes, the phone call was longer than I would have liked, but they cancelled my account.  

Another deal that I took advantage of was the free shipping on the free samples from Honest Company.  I ordered the diaper and wipes trial and essentials trial.  The patterns on the diapers are very cute, but we only use diapers at night now, so I think I am going to cancel the diaper bundle.  


I think I am going to try out the essentials bundle for a month.  The trial included samples of healing balm, hand wash, face and body lotion, laundry detergent, and shampoo and body wash.  However, Honest Company allows you to personalize your bundles, so you can pick the products you like.  





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